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Bellevue Corridor Draft Documents

As they are developed, draft Sections of the Bellevue Corridor Community Plan will be posted here for public review.  Please contact Bill King at 209-385-6858, or at to offer comments or to ask questions about the project.

Draft Plan Documents  (Updated 3/31/14)

Chapter 1 - Executive Summary/Introduction
Chapter 2 - Vision and Urban Design
Chapter 3 - Mobility
Chapter 4 - Open Space, Conservation and Recreation
Chapter 5 - Community Character
Chapter 6 - Urban Expansion
Chapter 7 - Public Services and Facilities
Chapter 8 - Plan Maintenance
Chapter 9 - Works Cited

Appendix A- Bellevue Community Plan Consistency ith the City's General Plan
Appendix B - Development Projects and Plans
Appendix C - Applicable Merced Vision 2030 General Plan Goals, Policies and Actions
Appendix D - Technical Circulation Memorandum
Appendix E - Foundation Report
Appendix F - Plan Develoment and Community Participation
                    Advisory Committee Minutes
                    Public Comments and Survey Results
Appendix G - Merced's Loop Road
Appendix H - Innovation Hub Elements, Relevance and Suggested Policies
Appendix I - Findings Report with Supporting Background Reports
Appendix J - Relevance of the Urban Land Institute Report to the BCP
Appendix K - Anticipated Research and Development
Appendix L - University Community Plan Town Center
Appendix M - Plan Assessment Tool

Related Documents

Urban Land Institute Advisory Panel Report  
UC Merced "2020 Project" Website

Innovation Hub Materials

Flyer for November 1, 2012 Innovation Hub presentation
November 1, 2012, Staff Report #12-04, Innovation Hubs 
Technical Appendix H, Innovation Hubs, and Attachment A
Article - "Ideas per square Foot"
Article - "Creative Cities"
youtube video link about the value of urban design to support innovation 

BCCP--Draft Documents
Section UL
 1_Executive Summary_Introduction (3.91 MB)
 2_Vision and Urban Design (3.87 MB)
 3_Mobility (20.09 MB)
 4_Open Space, Conservation and Recreation (6.6 MB)
 5_ Community Character (10.76 MB)
 6_Urban Expansion (3.16 MB)
 7_Public Services and Facilities (2.4 MB)
 8_Plan Maintenance (411.4 KB)
 9_Works Cited (421.9 KB)
 Appendix A_BCP Consistency with the City's GP (1.92 MB)
 Appendix B_Projects and Plans (7.04 MB)
 Appendix C_Bellevue Community Plan and General Plan Policies (528.1 KB)
 Appendix D_Technical Circulatin Memo (1.12 MB)
 Appendix E_Foundation Report (420.2 KB)
 Appendix F_Public Participation (451.1 KB)
 Appendix G_Merced Loop Road (12.44 MB)
 Appendix H_Innovation Hub (550.3 KB)
 Appendix I_Findings Report with Background Report (12.79 MB)
 Appendix J_Applicable ULI Panel Recommendations (550.6 KB)
 Appendix K_Anticipated Reserach and Development (5.1 MB)
 Appendix L_University Community Plan Town Center (9.15 MB)
 Appendix M_Plan Assessment Tool (160 KB)
 Findings Background Report_Complete Streets (976.4 KB)
 Findings Background Report_Develpopment Standards (1.03 MB)
 Findings Background Report_Economic Study (425.5 KB)
 Findings Background Report_Right of Way_Transit (5.52 MB)
 Findings Report (1.64 MB)
 Innovation_121101 Event Flyer (762.3 KB)
 Innovation_Article_Creative Cities (50.9 KB)
 Innovation_Article_Ideas Per Square Foot (929.2 KB)
 Innovation_Nov 1 2012 Staff Report (159.2 KB)
 Innovation_Tech Appendix_Innovation Hub (149.3 KB)
 Minutes of Advisory Committee (3.21 MB)
 Public Comments and Survey Results (393.8 KB)
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