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Merced No. 4 in Best Places for Pokemon

Mike Conway

Post Date:08/24/2016

Merced No. 4 Nationally for Best Metros for Pokemon Go

When pseudo-science meets pop culture it usually ends up with a Top 10 list, and Merced clawed its way to the top of another list, only this has Pok'mon Go leading the way.

Merced is No. 4 in the Best 10 Metros for Pok'mon Go, according to Chmura Economics & Analytics.

Chmura, a labor market data firm, came to that conclusion after it decided to ask the burning question that has been on America's mind: 'If Pok'mon were real, which U.S. metropolitan areas would be best for Pok'mon Trainers?'

'In all my years as a City Manager I never thought I would lead a City that was in the Top Ten Cities for Pok'mon Go. Never,' said City Manager Steve Carrigan.

To celebrate the momentous announcement, the City Parks and Recreation Department will be showing 'Pok'mon the Movie' at its Movies in the Park event Friday, Aug. 26 in Applegate Park's MOAT, 1045 W. 25th. The movie will begin at dusk.

And, to attract more Pok'mon Go players, and Pok'mon, there will be lures launched at Poke stops around the park to enhance the game. Lures attract Pok'mon to the park for players and help the Pok'mon evolve to higher levels.

Based on their exacting criteria, Chmura Economics determined that Merced ranked fourth in the nation out of 381 metropolitan areas. They used the number of trainers, gyms, veterinarians, selected retail shops, and teachers along with their magic formula -- because every Top 10 list needs a formula.

Chmura's formula is 'the location quotient: the ratio of an occupation's share of total employment within the region to the same occupation's share of employment in the nation.'

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