Merced High Speed Rail/Station Area Plan

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What is a Station Area Plan?

A Station Area Plan is a planning vision and document for the land use, infrastructure, and design for the area within close proximity to a rail/transit station. The California High Speed Rail Authority (HSRA) will determine the exact location of the Merced High Speed Rail Station, and an architecture/design firm will assist the HRA in designing the actual station that will service the High Speed Rail trains and passengers.

The Merced High Speed Rail Station Area Plan will determine how the land (buildings, roadways, open space, etc.) will look and be used. Land use, such as retail, office or housing mixed-use, circulation (transportation, traffic, walkability), and infrastructure (roadways, sidewalks, bike lanes, utilities, etc.) will be planned based on the input of the community and feasibility of the vision set forth by the City of Merced and its residents.

Reshaping Our Downtown

The High-Speed Rail Station Area Plan provides the City of Merced with a rare opportunity to reshape the Downtown area that will surround the planned High Speed Rail station. This page will chart Merced’s strategy to design an iconic gateway for the city that will revitalize our Downtown while acknowledging our historic rail routes.

Get Involved

Community participation is vital to developing a plan that reflects residents’ desired future for Merced. Regardless of your feelings for High Speed Rail, the Station Area Plan is our opportunity to plan the land use, circulation, and infrastructure that can enrich our community for decades to come.

The station area planning process is currently underway. Check this page for project updates, meeting and workshop dates, and how to make your voice heard. Get on the High Speed Rail Station Area Plan e-mail list to keep up-to-date and be notified as to when and how to give us your valued input.

The HSR Station Area Plan allows residents and stakeholders to help determine how the area looks and feels, and to turn the state and federal investment in high speed rail into a local economic engine that will drive new investment downtown and position Merced as a destination and crossroads for travelers as well as a desirable place for people to be, live, and work.