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G Street closes July 12 for undercrossing project
Contact :Mike Conway    209-385-6232

G Street closes July 12 for underpass work


G Street will be closed for construction of the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe railroad undercrossing beginning Monday, July 12. Once completed, the project will provide residents with crosstown access travel without having to stop for passing trains.


The $18 million project is expected to take approximately 18 months to complete. G Street between  23rd and 25th streets will be closed to through traffic during construction. Detour signs will be posted along the streets to guide people around the closed streets.


The railroad staff has said they will begin construction of the track alignments and bridge installation July 19.


The City recently awarded a $5,059,272.10 contract to Teichert Construction for the project. The City has encouraged Tiechert to hire local employees and subcontractors  whenever possible.


The project is funded by:

California Transportation Commission    $9 million

Merced Redevelopment Agency               $4.8 million

City Public Facility Financing                   $2.3 million 

Burlington Northern & Santa Fe RR        $1.9 million


In addition, the City is spending another $2.4 million for improvements in the project area, including a $1.1 million water line replacement.


Assemblywoman Cathleen Galgiani was instrumental in the City receiving the state grant.


The road project has its roots in a tragedy occurring almost 80 years ago. It was at the intersection of G Street and the then Santa Fe railroad tracks that a school bus coming from Fremont School was struck by a train. Six students were killed and another 23 were injured. That tragedy on May 7, 1931, helped lead to the legislation that requires all occupied buses to stop at railroad crossings. 


Traffic will be heavier throughout the City during the construction. Residents are asked to plan their routes ahead, leave early, consolidate their trips and talk to their employers about alternative work schedules that will avoid peak traffic times. Telecommuting, carpooling, ride The Bus, biking and walking is strongly encouraged.


The completed project will eliminate the delay motorists and trucks experience on our streets. The undercrossing will help improve air quality, save fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  And the project will improve public safety by providing an unhindered route to the City’s one hospital for the majority of our residents who live on the north side of the tracks.


Updates on the G Street project will be posted regularly on the City’s web site, and also on Facebook @ The Streets of Merced.