R street crossings at Fahrens Creek

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Pictures of the pedestrian and Fahrens creek under crossing @ R Street north of Yosemite Ave. The deck slab for the double box (the one that curves) is ready for concrete. It is expected to take 265 cubic yards of concrete. That’s about 25 truckloads. The steel in the slab is #8 bars (1" nominal) and are spaced 10" o.c. at the outside radius and about 3~4" on the inside of the radius. The coin you see in pictures 9 and 10 (for size comparison) is a quarter.

It is being built by Wickum Construction. Photos courtesy of Mark Norman, Inspection Services.

Construction equipment at work Construction equpiment at work Curved deck slab Curved deck slab and power shovel Close-up of deck slab Steel beams the width of a quarter Close-up of quarter on beams Concrete and wood structure Concrete structures Deck slab getting concrete Edge of concrete Wooden structure