Quality of Life

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WindsurfersWhile the future holds great promise, that future will be built on the solid foundation established by those who have gone before us. Merced is a wonderful place to live, and the community is committed to preserving our special quality of life.

Merced boasts dozens of tree-shaded parks, miles upon miles of bike paths, municipal and private golf courses, and plenty of choices for sailing, water skiing, and fishing. Lake Yosemite is a favorite with sailors and windsurfers alike, and its grassy, tree-lined shore makes a perfect setting for a Sunday afternoon picnic. Or you may prefer to take in an afternoon concert at the Merced Open Air Theatre, one of many cultural programs supported by the Merced County Arts Council. Recreational and cultural opportunities certainly contribute to that special quality of life in Merced, but what may be more important is the sense of community that is shared by the people who live here. Businesses and individuals take pride in their volunteer accomplishments. Local government is responsive to community needs.

UC Sign with StudentsPerhaps it is our agricultural roots, but Merced has maintained a small town environment in an urban setting. Neighborhoods are still the building blocks of the community. Wide, tree-lined streets and spacious homes offer a pleasant contrast to the congested residential areas of larger cities. Neighbors spend time together, watch out for each other, and backyard barbecues are a way of life.

We invite you to consider investing in Merced. Affordable land and labor costs, good transportation access, and a location central to major markets should motivate your strategic planners. Affordable homes, abundant recreational opportunities, and friendly neighbors will motivate your workers.