University of California, Merced

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In May, 1995 the Regents of the University of California selected Merced as the site for the system's tenth campus. The designation followed an extensive seven-year site selection process which examined over eighty possible locations throughout central California.

Many of the same benefits that convinced the University of California to select Merced will also prove persuasive to corporate strategic planners. Merced is a progressively planned community, located in the center of California's fastest-growing region, with a sound water supply plan in place to help insure the long-term success of any business investment.

The $600 million that the University plans to spend on campus development will provide a major stimulus for the local economy. The addition of the campus will create 3,000 new local jobs by the year 2010, and create an economic impact of $434 million annually by the time the campus reaches 10,000 students.

Perhaps more importantly, the University of California will help to make Merced the educational and cultural center of the San Joaquin Valley. Campus theatrical productions, concerts, lectures, exhibits, dances, and workshops, as well as visiting artists and speakers, will benefit the local community. The availability of undergraduate and post-graduate courses will insure that opportunities for continuing education are available to our workforce.

City map highlighting UC Merced