North Merced

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North MercedNorth Merced (north of Bear Creek) is in the predominant path of residential growth of the community, with the greatest number of new subdivision and housing starts. North Merced has been developed since the 1970’s and contains major shopping and office streets (Olive, G, M, and R).

The Merced Mall: located on Olive between M and R, has over 500,000 Square feet and is the only enclosed shopping mall in the region. Anchors are Sears, Penney’s, Mervyns, and Target (a freestanding pad). Other larger tenants include Michael’s, Big Lots, United Artist Cinema, Longs Drug, and Blockbuster. Smaller nationwide retailers catering to a diverse group of consumers can also be found in the Merced Mall. They include Aeropostale, Anchor Blue, Baskin Robbins, Bath & Body Works, Footlocker, Lane Bryant, Pacific Sunwear, Radio Shack, See's Candy, Sunglass Hut, and many more.

Also in the Mall’s vicinity are Circuit City and Orchard Supply Hardware. Located on Olive Avenue are Gottschalks, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, and grocery store centers anchored by Savemart and Food4Less. Raley's anchors a center at G and Yosemite.

The Promenade: Located at the northwest corner of Yosemite and Paulson, the Promenade has something for everyone: a great assortment of retail stores and specialty shops, indoor and open-air eateries, a day spa, medical offices and much more. Their motto is "Meet, stroll, dine and relax." The Promenade may be considered a lifestyle center, where residents can spend a couple of hours browsing and then have an evening dinner without ever leaving the parking lot.

Garden office complexes along major arterials house medical offices and others.

Opportunities for new retail development are found on West Olive, and pads at existing centers. Office locations can be found throughout the area.