The Engineering Division is primarily responsible for management of the City’s Capital Improvement Program and Budget; management of construction contracts and activities; management of contractual engineering services; support to Merced Area Groundwater Pool Interests (MAGPI) Program; development of Standard Designs of Common Engineering Structures; engineering and technical assistance to other departments; infrastructure grant procurement, monitoring, and reporting; maintenance of GIS plats and other mapping and record systems; development and maintenance of the pavement management system; compliance with local, regional, state, and federal laws; development of staff in technical, organizational, and supervisory skills; chair and staff support to the Traffic Committee; and management of right of way activities.

The Engineering Projects/Standards Division of the Development Services Department strives to support its customers (public and private agencies, other city departments, and the general public) with prompt, quality technical assistance in developing capital improvement projects and standards that will protect the City’s investments, reduce its deficiencies, and plan for future needs, while recognizing and complying with current and future mandates, as well as public concerns and opinions.

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