Standard Designs

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I-1 Introduction to Standard Designs

Incorporated herein are the designs for common engineering structures frequently installed as part of the improvements required in subdivision or other development work.

Publishing this book and adopting it as official standards saves endless repetition in the drafting of construction details on different projects. By simple referral, these standards become part of the plans for any project. Complete sets and individual sheets are available for distribution.

These designs are the result of much seasoning and refinement. In many cases, they have been developed to their present state by continued use and modification over a period of many years. From time to time, we hope to add new standards to these now available, as need becomes apparent, and we may revise those already in existence, if necessary.

Whenever a material, article or piece of equipment is identified on the plans or in the specifications by reference to manufacturers or vendors names, catalog numbers, etc., it is intended merely to establish a standard. Any material, article or equipment of other manufacturers and vendors which will perform adequately the duties imposed by the general design will be considered equally acceptable provided the material's, article's or equipment's sole purpose is, in the opinion of the City Engineer, of equal substance and function. It shall not be purchased or installed by the contractor without the City Engineer's written approval.

Where certain equipment or articles of a particular brand or manufacturer have been previously installed or established as a standard item within a local area and this area is to be extended or enlarged upon, identical equipment shall be installed as a continuation of the established item.

The book, "Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction", latest Edition (SSPWC) is the basis for these "City of Merced Standard Designs of Common Engineering Structures". All work shall conform to the Standard Specifications as augmented by these City of Merced Standard Designs of Common Engineering Structures, and where reference is made, to the "State of California, Business, Transportation and Housing Agency, Department of Transportation Standard Specifications, May 2006" (also referred to as State Specifications of State Specs). The "Work Area Traffic Control Handbook" (WATCH), is adopted as supplemental referral, and is available at City of Merced Engineering Department. The "City of Merced Standard Designs of Common Engineering Structures" is also referred to as "City Standard Plans".

The City of Merced has adopted California Test 216 (Dry Density) for all compaction testing within the city limits and for any work done on behalf of the City.

All public works and any work in the public right-of-way must be accomplished under a permit issued and inspected by the City. Any portion of the work not inspected may be rejected. Contact the Inspection Services Department at least 24 hours (including one full working day) in advance of each required inspection to place an inspection request.

Both "SSPWC" and "WATCH" are available from Building News, Inc., 3055 Overland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA. 90034 (310)202-7775.

Note: The right is reserved by the City Engineer to modify the attached standards to fit individual situations. Such modifications will be in writing if requested.

All vertical control shall be NAVD (1988). Datum shall be noted on all plan sheets with topography or elevations.

Record Drawings (or "As-Built Drawings") shall be submitted for all projects on Mylar and in electronic (AutoCAD) format.

Street name signs, and all other signage, shall be installed in new subdivisions within 5 days of placing curb and gutter. Street name signs shall also include the block number of the adjacent higher numbered block.

Tracer tape requirements for water, sewer and storm drain, are described on sheet W-16A.

The City is subject to the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) General Permit No. CAS000004 for Storm Water discharges. The City's Storm Water Management Program, dated April 2007, is available on the City's Web site, under "City Services A-Z", select "Storm Water Program". All new development must conform to this program.

If any City Standard conflicts with State of Federal law, regulation, rule, policy, standard or requirement, it is the responsibility of the Builder/Developer/Contractor to follow the more stringent of the same. Please bring any conflict to the attention of the City Engineer.