Group Photo of Fire Department 2017

The Merced Fire Department (MFD) has a long history of dedicated service to the Merced Community and this dedication continues today. The department was established in 1873 and currently provides fire, rescue, and emergency management services for the citizens and visitors of the City of Merced.

The MFD operates out of five strategically located fire stations and responded to 10,684 calls for service during the 2019 calendar year. The department employs 63 public safety members and 3 support personnel. A number of highly trained special operation's teams are utilized within the department and they provide Hazardous Materials Response, Technical Rescue, Medical Services, Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) and Swift Water Rescue responses.

To significantly increase patient survival rates, the MFD promotes PulsePoint (a free mobile phone application allowing CPR trained individuals to receive alerts, directing them to not only where a cardiac arrest event is occurring, but also where they can find the nearest AED) and provides Basic Life Safety to the community and its visitors. To further that endeavor, the MFD also has two full-time Paramedics.  The department's fire prevention efforts include: fire safety inspections in buildings to ensure fire code compliance for fire and life safety and public-education programs.


  • Career Agency, Full-Time, No Volunteers
  • Fire Dept. Budget - FY 19/20: $14,721,515
  • Population Protected: 87,110
  • Fire Dept. Cost per Capita: $169
  • Square Miles Served: 23.3
  • ISO Rating: 2
  • Calls for Service in 2019: 10,684
  • Sworn Personnel: 63
  • Non-Sworn Personnel: 3
  • Fire Stations (51, 52, 53, 54 & 55): 5
  • Engines (E51, E52, E53, E54 & E55): 5
  • Trucks (T51): 1
  • Daily Minimum Staffing: 18
    • Battalion Chief: 1
    • Captain: 6
    • Engineer: 6
    • Fire Fighter (Minimum Staffing of 6): 7

Truck at City Hall