Barbecue Safety

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When cooking outdoors, the following procedure should always be taken:

  • keep flammable liquids away from live coals so to avoid explosions and burns.
  • keep children safely away from the barbecue fire.
  • use charcoal electric starter of approved type or chemicals in cake form to start your charcoal fire never use gasoline, naphtha or other such flammable materials.
  • never add fire starter after you have started your barbecue to speed a slow or rekindle a dying fire tuck dry kindling under coals.
  • make sure the barbecue stand is level and steady, keep a water container nearby when the coal is burning.
  • when cooking is over, soak the coals so to prevent their re-ignition.
  • never keep damp or wet charcoals in an unventilated area due to the dangers of spontaneous combustion that can result from drying.