Summertime Safety Tips

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During Warmer Seasons, Think Fire Safety!

Outdoor Cooking Tips

When cooking outdoors, the following procedure should always be taken:

  • keep flammable liquids away from live coals so to avoid explosions and burns.
  • keep children safely away from the barbecue fire.
  • use charcoal electric starter of approved type or chemicals in cake form to start your charcoal fire never use gasoline, naptha or other such flammable materials.
  • never add fire starter after you have started your barbecue to speed a slow or rekindle a dying fire tuck dry kindling under coals.
  • make sure the barbecue stand is level and steady, keep a water container nearby when the coal is burning.
  • when cooking is over, soak the coals so to prevent their re-ignition.
  • never keep damp or wet charcoals in an unventilated area due to the dangers of spontaneous combustion that can result from drying.

Camping Out Tips

When camping out or in the backyard, exercise special care with flammable liquids and open flame near tents. When camping out, take the following steps:

  • buy a tent made of flame-retardant fabric. A paraffin coated cotton tent can burn up in a few minutes with someone trapped inside.
  • never use candles or matches in or near a tent, use flashlight.
  • extra care should be excised when using electricity and lighting in or near a tent. When using heaters, keep them well away from walls, pillows, camping hairs, in fact, all contents of the tent.
  • build your fire downwind, far away from your tent.
  • make sure fire is out before you sleep.
  • a fire extinguisher is a must for every camper's equipment, for it could be a life saver.
  • it is also recommended a portable smoke detector be part of every holidayer's equipment.
  • campers carry fuel for propane/gasoline type stoves in the trunk of the car should never leave the fuel in the trunk over the weekend or any longer than needed to transport it. If you are planning a full days drive to a campsite, take the precaution of opening the trunk periodically to ventilate the compartment.
    never freshen a fire with a liquid starter. Explosions can result. Keep liquid fuel away from your tent and children.
  • all fire laws, ordinances and regulations should be strictly observed.
  • children burn up in their own backyards experimenting with campfires, candles, tents and gasoline.

A little extra caution is an item well worth taking on any camping trip - whether it be the backyard or the open woods variety!