Firefighter's Tools

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  • Parade Axe - A firefighter will take an axe from the supplier and working first with rough sandpaper continue to polish their axe progressively moving to a finer and finer grit, until a highly polished head emerges. These axes are typically ceremonial axes.
  • Flat head axe, a cutting edge and a flat side. The cutting edge can be placed against an object and a hammer can be struck again the flat side to drive the sharp edge into an object. Or the flat head side can be used itself as a blunt object for striking and / or breaking.
  • Pick Head Axe, Sharp edge and a pointed edge, the point (pick) edge is can be used for gaining a purchase point, starting a hole and many other uses.
  • Truckee's Axe, Similar to a pick head axe with the pick being modified to limit wedging or getting stuck in objects


Bolt Cutters

  • Bolt Cutters of various sizes are carried on all fire apparatus, AKA - The universal key.



  • The orange hammer is a dead blow hammer utilized in non sparking applications.
  • The hammer on the right is a rubber mallet used to assist with the removal of discharge caps or any timeblunt force without marking or permanent damage is required.
  • The sledge hammer varies from 6 pound to 15 pound long handled when breaching is required. Also available are smaller short handled sledges (not pictured) which will typically vary in weight from 1 pound to 4 pound.

Extrication tool


  • AKA The Hurst Tool. Hurst is a brand name, there are multiple manufacturers of extrication tools, all with the same intent. Utilize hydraulic force to cut, push and pry our way into a car. Extrication tools have many uses but are typically used in vehicle accidents to gain access for patient care and extrication.

Not Pictured


Pry tools


  • Haligan - a firefighters tool, prying, breaching, poking, breaking, limited only by our imagination.
  • Pry Bar, 6 foot long heavy steel bar.

Rescue hardware

Rescue Hardware

  • Hardware cache primarily for low angle rescue.

Rubbish hooks

Rubbish Hooks & Closet

  • Pike Pole - modified, Closet Hook. A short tool used for breaching sheet rock in confined spaces. The pike pole typically makes smaller inspection holes.
  • Rubbish Hook, Another tool for breaching sheet rock typically used when large amounts of sheet rock need to be removed. Also utilized on roof ops for punching through the roof and ceiling from above, and striping skip roofing materials.



  • A tool for every job, circ saws and chain saws, each one with a purpose.



  • Scoop shovel, moving large amounts of debris.
  • Flat shovel, also moving smaller amounts of heavy debris.
  • Spade, digging holes and cutting fire line.

Tool wall


  • Tools to maintain, repair and upgrade.

Weight rack


  • After hour workouts.



  • Pipe wrenches of multiple sizes for multiple jobs. Though not obvious here the larger pipe wrench is over 2 feet long.