Ball Field Tournament Rentals

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Joe Herb Park "Softball Diamonds"Insurance Requirements

Tournament organizers must submit insurance policies for $1,000,000 general liability and $50,000 fire legal liability. The policies must name the City of Merced as additional insured and must be delivered to the Parks and Recreation Department no later than five days prior to the event. The City of Merced does not provide medical or accident insurance. This responsibility lies with each individual playing on a team.

Rates for Tournament Use

All insurance requirements must be met. One week cancellation notice is required. Costs and terms are subject to change.

  • Reservation fee of $75, due at time of registration
  • Lights $20/hr. for each field
  • Facility Supervisor $15/hr for each field

City of Merced Employee

  • Field Rental of $75/day for each field
  • Field Preparation $25 for each field prepared
  • Preparation is required after every fourth game

Field Use/Light Rental

The fields below may be available (weather permitting) at a cost of $10 per hour without lights, and $25 per hour for light rental. Call 385-6978 for availability.

  • Joe Herb Softball Fields
  • Sports Complex and Baseball Fields

Subject to facility and staffing availability, most ballfields may be rented by individual teams or small groups for game workouts.