Major Crimes (Robbery, Assault & Homicide)

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The Major Crimes Unit is comprised of detectives who investigate crimes against persons. These types of crimes include homicides, aggravated assaults, and robberies. They are also responsible for investigating suicides, unattended deaths, child abuse, child abductions, kidnapping, carjacking, home invasions, missing persons, weapon crimes and other assorted major crimes. Although capable of investigating any crime, Major Crimes detectives focus on developing an expertise in their respective fields. This specialized training and experience has become instrumental in the resolution of numerous cases.

The detectives have developed a special partnership with the District Attorney’s Office and work in concert to successfully prosecute criminals in our community. Detectives are assigned to the Major Crimes Unit based upon their experience within the Investigations Division, specialized training, dedication, open-mindedness, and their ability to "think outside the box". The Major Crimes Unit is also tasked with working cold case homicides. Over the past year the Major Crimes Unit has solved two cold case homicides due to their hard work and advancement in the analysis of DNA. They continue to work cold cases as time permits.