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Customer Service

Public Works provides a wide variety of services to the public including garbage disposal (refuse), street sweeping, water, and sewer - amongst others.

Our office staff is available Monday - Friday, from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

To quickly reach us for assistance:
Phone: (209) 385-6800
E-mail: publicwks@cityofmerced.org

For after-hours urgent Public Works matters, please contact police dispatch at (209) 385-6905.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more questions, please e-mail us at publicwks@cityofmerced.org.

  • Water Conservation

    • What are my watering days?

    • Can I water my new lawn every day?

    • When are we going to get to water three days per week again?

    • What do I do if my neighbor is overwatering?

    • Who do I report broken sprinklers in a City park or strip to?

    • How can I learn more about conservation?

  • Water Meters & Rates

    • How do I read my meter?

    • What is Eye On Water?

    • How much does a gallon of water cost?

    • How much water is included in my base water rate?

    • How much does it cost if I go over my base monthly rate?

  • Water Quality