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Recycle It!

Recycling truck emptying a binDon’t think you have enough for a recycle bin? Think again!

Recycling is more then just CA CRV items! In addition to putting CA CRV bottles and cans in your blue comingled recycling container, you can include:

  • PAPER, cardboard and chipboard boxes
  • GLASS bottles and jars
  • METAL food cans and CA CRV cans
  • PLASTIC bottles, jars, jugs and CA CRV bottles.

*Place recyclable materials in the blue container loosely; do not bag them. Plastic bags go into your gray trash container or it can be recycled at most major stores.

For a complete list of what is recyclable, please click on the pdfs below.

Is your business or multi-family residence meeting the recycling requirements?

Unsure if your business or multi-family complex falls under the state mandate for commercial recycling?

  • Businesses that generate four cubic yards and more per week of solid waste


  • Multi-Family residences of five or more units

are required to have some form of recycling waste diversion. Give us a call at 209-385-6800 and we can assist you with your recycling needs.

Recycling Commercial

We've posted our Public Works Recycling commercial for your viewing pleasure. Please keep in mind that the video is larger than most files on this website and may take a while to download.

  • You will need to have a video player that supports Windows Media Audio/Video files.
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Further Information

For more information on Recycling in the County of Merced, visit

Greenroads LogoFor information on CalRecycle's Green Roads program, check out this link

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