Industrial Pretreatment Program

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The City of Merced's Industrial Pretreatment (IPT) Program is responsible for the monitoring, permitting, and enforcing of Federal, State and Local regulations related to discharges into the sanitary sewer system. This program functions to protect the Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) and ensures that all substantial industrial customers are in compliance for the full range of their permit requirements. City of Merced Environmental Control Officers inspect industrial facilities to ensure that Best Management Practices (BMPs) and operational procedures are employed to prevent pollution to the sanitary sewer system; as well as the stormwater system.

Prior to discharging industrial waste to the sewer, all dischargers who generate and dispose of industrial wastewater (not including domestic) shall submit an Industrial User Survey to the City of Merced Water Quality Control Division to determine if written discharge approval is necessary.

For more information please contact the Water Quality Control Division at 209-385-6204 or email at

Details for Industrial Pretreatment Regulations can be viewed at Merced Municipal Code Title 15, Division I - Sewer System, Chapter 15.29 - Industrial Users.

IPT Documents