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Freddy Fin needs your help to prevent storm water pollution!

Storm water is water from rain events or snow melt. When it rains, the storm water flows over the ground picking up pollution along the way. Pollution can be harmful to the environment. Pollutants that enter a storm drain system flows into bodies of water that we use for drinking, swimming and fishing.

Freddy Fin (a cartoon fish)Freddy Fin has a few tips for you and your family to practice at home:

  • Make sure trash is put in a trash can.
  • Remind adults to keep car oils and fluids out of the gutter.
  • Put pet waste in a bag and throw it away.
  • Remind adults to wash cars or trucks at a car wash facility.
  • Never dump anything down a storm drain.

Freddy Fin says, “Only Rain Down the Drain!”

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