Water Meter Information

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Meter lid top of transponderMost residential properties have a 1” meter with a base monthly rate of $31.00. The base rate includes 20 Hundred Cubic Feet (HCF) of water, in gallons that is 14,960 gallons. Most customers use less than this during the non-irrigating months. When using water outside to irrigate landscape use may be higher than 20 HCF per month, for each HCF over the base, the cost is $0.74.

In your City utility bill you will notice the WM rate (metered billing). If you use over 20 HCF, the cost is just $0.74 per HCF.

The meters come with a tool to help you analyze your water use. Check out the tools available on the web or download the Eye On Water app on your phone. The tool can alert you to water leaks to help keep your water use in check and stay within your base water allotment. The tool can be found at EyeOnWater.com. You will need your city utility account number and an e-mail to set up on-line access.

Be on the lookout for any water leaks and keep an Eye On Water. For more details or questions, you can call the Public Works office at 385-6800 or our Finance Department at 388-7900.

View the slides presented to the City Council in March 2017 on the Water Meter Update.

How much is a HCF?

HCF means a Hundred Cubic Feet in the world of water. Why is it important to know this fact?

You’ll want to know this billing unit to help you read your City utility bill. The base rate for water in the City of Merced for most residential homes includes 20 HCF. To be exact it’s 14,960 gallons of water. One HCF (also known as CCF) is 748 gallons.

A little water math goes a long way, especially if you are trying to keep from going over that base amount of water. For a real life example, my family of five uses about 10 HCF per month inside the house. During the non-watering months, we are well below the base rate.

For more helpful hints on managing your metered water use, check out City of Merced: Water Conservation on Facebook.