Applications & Info Downloads

The links below will assist you to download the forms needed by the Inspection Services Division when submitting plans for a plan check. Should you have additional questions regarding any of the forms or submitting for a permit, please call our office at (209) 385-6861.


Various applications

Building Permit

Pool Demolition(73.7 KB)

Demolition Permit

What and how

Building Permits Issued

Building Permits Issued

2015 Building Permits Issued

2016 Building Permits Issued

Building Permit Issued for Year 2016

2017 Building Permits Issued

2017 Building Permits Issued
11-November 2017(119.6 KB)
1-Jan 2017(113.6 KB)
2-February 2017(79.5 KB)
3-March 2017(121.1 KB)
4- April 2017(99.1 KB)
5-May 2017(118.9 KB)
6-June 2017(104.5 KB)
7-July 2017(105.6 KB)
8-August 2017(103.7 KB)
9-September 2017(105.6 KB)

2018 Building Permits Issued

2018 Building Permits Issued
01-January 2018(163.1 KB)
02-February 2018(130.5 KB)
04-April 2018(160.8 KB)
3-March 2018(150.2 KB)

Building Safety Brochures and Handouts

Building Safety Handy tips and brochures
10 Green tips(77.6 KB)


Various fees

Plan Submittal

Residential Master Plan Submittal

Master Plan Submittal

Site Plan Sample

Site plan sample
Site Plan Sample(147.3 KB)

Water Heaters

Water heater information