Electronic Plan Review

The City of Merced Inspection Services Division requires electronic submittals in pdf format, including permit application and all support documents. 

1)  Initial Submittal:
You will receive a confirmation email that your electronic submittal has been received. The required plan review fee will be contained in this email.
** Plan review does not begin prior to payment ** 
Pay by phone using credit card at (209) 385-4773. 
check payable to City of Merced.
Mailing address: City of Merced Attn: Building Dept 678 W 18th St. Merced, CA  95340.
Reference the permit number and project address contained in your confirmation email.

2)  Approved Plan Submittal
PROVIDE Electronic wet-stamped and signed plans and support documents (calculations, etc.) for archiving purposes.
3)  Prior to Permit Issuance
Submit two full sets of wet-stamped and signed paper plans including support documents. 

4)  Prior to Occupancy
All changes that occur during the course of construction shall be submitted as described in 3) above.

Note: All plans shall be submitted as combined sets, not as individual plan sheets. Support documents shall not be combined with plan sheets nor other support documents.

All plans less than 25 mb in size shall be submitted to:


For submittals larger than 25 mb, please us at (209) 385-4773.