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Bellevue Corridor Community Plan

Recognizing that long-term urban growth will occur in the area between the City and ever growing UC Merced, the Merced Vision 2030 General Plan identified a need to prepare a Community Plan to guide future growth in the area between “G” Street and Lake Road, along Bellevue Road.  The Bellevue Community Plan (BCP) encompasses an area of 2.42 square-miles, and establishes a land-use map, a mobility plan, and tackles questions such as the location and amounts of student housing, research and development parks, and the design of Bellevue Road.  Public involvement was accomplished through multiple outreach efforts including: partnerships between local planning professionals, stakeholder participation, directed outreach to underrepresented groups, public workshops, and an Citizen Advisory Committee.

What is the Bellevue Corridor Community Plan Project? 
 Click on the link above to learn more about the Bellevue Corridor Community Plan Project.  Click here to see the Project Boundary.

 Public Outreach Opportunities
 Click on the link above to learn who was involved. 

Adopted and Draft Plans
 As portions of the plan were prepared, these were posted at the link above.  The adopted plan is the April 2015 version.
 The City thanks all those who contributed to drafting the plan.

Plan Consultant 

Lisa Wise Consulting - 

The City of Merced Planning Department would like to thank the following entities for supporting our successful grant application to the Strategic Growth Council.

Merced County Department of Public Health -
Merced Bike Coalition -
Merced/Mariposa Asthma Coalition -  

The City of Merced Planning Department would also like to thank the California Strategic Growth Council for funding much of the project.   The work upon which the web-posted documents are based is funded in whole or part through a grant awarded by the Strategic Growth Council.

 Strategic Growth Council -

Bellevue Corridor Community Plan
Contains Documents related to the Bellevue Corridor Community Plan Project.
Section UL
 Bellevue Corridor Community Plan Overview (301.9 KB)
 City Council Report_July 16, 2012, Committee Appointment (1.56 MB)
 Project Boundary Map (170 KB)
 Urban Land Institute Advisory Panel Report on UC Merced (3.91 MB)
BCCP--Draft Documents
Section UL
 1_Executive Summary_Introduction (3.91 MB)
 2_Vision and Urban Design (3.87 MB)
 3_Mobility (20.09 MB)
 4_Open Space, Conservation and Recreation (6.6 MB)
 5_ Community Character (10.76 MB)
 6_Urban Expansion (3.16 MB)
 7_Public Services and Facilities (2.4 MB)
 8_Plan Maintenance (411.4 KB)
 9_Works Cited (421.9 KB)
 AGU_Composite Appendices (21.71 MB)
 Appendix A_BCP Consistency with the City's GP (1.92 MB)
 Appendix B_Projects and Plans (7.04 MB)
 Appendix C_Bellevue Community Plan and General Plan Policies (528.1 KB)
 Appendix D_Technical Circulatin Memo (1.12 MB)
 Appendix E_Foundation Report (420.2 KB)
 Appendix F_Public Participation (451.1 KB)
 Appendix G_Merced Loop Road (12.44 MB)
 Appendix H_Innovation Hub (550.3 KB)
 Appendix I_Findings Report with Background Report (12.79 MB)
 Appendix J_Applicable ULI Panel Recommendations (550.6 KB)
 Appendix K_Anticipated Reserach and Development (5.1 MB)
 Appendix L_University Community Plan Town Center (9.15 MB)
 Appendix M_Plan Assessment Tool (160 KB)
 April 2015 Draft_Appendices (28.75 MB)
 April 2015 Draft_Main Body (13.38 MB)
 AUG_0_Cover_Executive Summary (1.14 MB)
 AUG_1_Introduction (2.9 MB)
 AUG_10_Appendix Cover (77.1 KB)
 AUG_140825_Staff Report (31.3 KB)
 AUG_2_Vision and Urban Design (3.07 MB)
 AUG_3_Mobility (59.56 MB)
 AUG_4_Open Space, Conservation, Recreation (49.31 MB)
 AUG_5_Community Character (48.74 MB)
 AUG_6_Urban Expansion (3.01 MB)
 AUG_7_Public Facilities and Services (2.25 MB)
 AUG_8_Plan Maintenance (251.1 KB)
 AUG_9_Works Cited (260 KB)
 AUG_Appendix A (1.05 MB)
 AUG_Appendix B (6.59 MB)
 AUG_Appendix C (622.5 KB)
 AUG_Appendix D (1.53 MB)
 AUG_Appendix E (994.4 KB)
 AUG_Appendix F (454.6 KB)
 AUG_Appendix G (1.03 MB)
 AUG_Appendix H (266.9 KB)
 AUG_Appendix I (8.53 MB)
 AUG_Appendix J (158.1 KB)
 AUG_Appendix K (547.8 KB)
 AUG_Appendix L (1.74 MB)
 AUG_Appendix M (175.5 KB)
 AUG_Composite BCP Chapters (95.35 MB)
 Findings Background Report_Complete Streets (976.4 KB)
 Findings Background Report_Develpopment Standards (1.03 MB)
 Findings Background Report_Economic Study (425.5 KB)
 Findings Background Report_Right of Way_Transit (5.52 MB)
 Findings Report (1.64 MB)
 Innovation_121101 Event Flyer (762.3 KB)
 Innovation_Article_Creative Cities (50.9 KB)
 Innovation_Article_Ideas Per Square Foot (929.2 KB)
 Innovation_Nov 1 2012 Staff Report (159.2 KB)
 Innovation_Tech Appendix_Innovation Hub (149.3 KB)
 Minutes of Advisory Committee (3.21 MB)
 PC_Addendum Appendix A (761.7 KB)
 PC_Addendum Appendix B (1.05 MB)
 PC_Addendum Appendix C (1.53 MB)
 PC_Addendum Appendix D (593.4 KB)
 PC_Addendum Main (4.31 MB)
 PC_BCP Appendix C (69.8 KB)
 PC_BCP Appendix F (6.03 MB)
 PC_Public Review Overview (2.34 MB)
 Public Comments and Survey Results (393.8 KB)
BCCP--Public Outreach
Section UL
 Ad-Hoc Adviwory Committee Comments_8_23_12 (29.2 KB)
 Advisory Committee Meeting Schedule (70.2 KB)
 BCCP Community Orientation Public Comment Forms (122.6 KB)
 BCCP Orientation Presentation (1.95 MB)
 BCP Committee Packet_August 25, 2014 (614.1 KB)
 BCP Committee Packet_June 12, 2014 (1.96 MB)
 BCP Core Element Handout (12.55 MB)
 CAC and Public responses to Survey_March 14 2013 (133.1 KB)
 CAC Presentation 8-15-13 (10.2 MB)
 CC Study Session February 2015 AR (5.73 MB)
 CC Study Session February 2015 ppt (2.99 MB)
 City Council_July 7, 2014_Status Report (17.82 MB)
 Consultant Questionnaire about the Draft Initial Land Use Plan (73.3 KB)
 EDAC_April 29 2014 Powerpoint Presentation (2.73 MB)
 EDAC_April 29 2014 Staff Report (1.63 MB)
 Flyer, Commuity Engaged Scholarship (259.1 KB)
 Flyer, Innovation Hub (762.3 KB)
 Jan 31 2013 Public Comments (115.4 KB)
 Jan 31 2013 Public Notice Flyer (973.2 KB)
 Map of Calif Room and Parking at UCM (187.3 KB)
 May 4, 2012 Public Notice Flyer (1.02 MB)
 Merced Civic Center Location/Directions (89.7 KB)
 Park and Rec packet_June 23, 2014 (3.94 MB)
 PC OCt 22 PPT Presentation (3.16 MB)
 PC Packet_June 12, 2014 (1.14 MB)
 PC Powerpoint 14-10-22 14-12-3 (3.16 MB)
 PC Staff Report 15-10-22 15-12-3 (4.27 MB)
 Presentation - Nov 1, 2012, Project Overview (402.7 KB)
 Presentation August 23 2012_CAC (2.38 MB)
 Presentation Jan 31 2013_UCM (10.18 MB)
 Presentation June 12, 2014 (5.78 MB)
 Presentation Nov 1, 2012, Community Form (1.59 MB)
 Presentation Nov 1, 2012, Economic Study (2.54 MB)
 Presentation Nov 1, 2012, Mobility (9.83 MB)
 Presentation Oct 4 2012_CAC (4.75 MB)
 Presentation_ May 2 2013 (242.64 MB)
 Presentation_3-14-13_Draft Plan Chapter (1.58 MB)
 Presentation_3-14-13_Plan Recap (3.02 MB)
 Presentation_3-14-13_Urban Villages (1.89 MB)
 Presentation_Jan 31 2013_CAC (12.51 MB)
 Public LU Concept 1 (2.19 MB)
 Public LU Concept 2 (2.26 MB)
 Public LU Concept 3 (2.17 MB)
 Public LU Concept 4 (2.2 MB)
 Public LU Concept 5 (2.24 MB)
 Recreation and Parks PPT_June 23, 2014 (2.55 MB)
 Staff Report - Circulation_Transportation (5.87 MB)
 Staff Report - Economic Study (8.18 MB)
 Staff Report - Innovation Hub (663.7 KB)
 UC Merced Campus Plan (9.03 MB)
 UCM Trustee PPT Presentation (2.48 MB)
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