Bellevue Corridor Community Plan

Recognizing that long-term urban growth will occur in the area between the City and ever growing UC Merced, the Merced Vision 2030 General Plan identified a need to prepare a Community Plan to guide future growth in the area between “G” Street and Lake Road, along Bellevue Road.  The Bellevue Community Plan (BCP) encompasses an area of 2.42 square-miles, and establishes a land-use map, a mobility plan, and tackles questions such as the location and amounts of student housing, research and development parks, and the design of Bellevue Road.  Public involvement was accomplished through multiple outreach efforts including: partnerships between local planning professionals, stakeholder participation, directed outreach to underrepresented groups, public workshops, and an Citizen Advisory Committee.

What is the Bellevue Corridor Community Plan Project? 
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 Public Outreach Opportunities
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Adopted and Draft Plans
 As portions of the plan were prepared, these were posted at the link above.  The adopted plan is the April 2015 version.
 The City thanks all those who contributed to drafting the plan.

Plan Consultant 

Lisa Wise Consulting - 

The City of Merced Planning Department would like to thank the following entities for supporting our successful grant application to the Strategic Growth Council.

Merced County Department of Public Health -
Merced Bike Coalition -
Merced/Mariposa Asthma Coalition -  

The City of Merced Planning Department would also like to thank the California Strategic Growth Council for funding much of the project.   The work upon which the web-posted documents are based is funded in whole or part through a grant awarded by the Strategic Growth Council.

 Strategic Growth Council -

Bellevue Corridor Community Plan

Contains Documents related to the Bellevue Corridor Community Plan Project.

BCCP--Draft Documents

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BCCP--Public Outreach