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Documents & Handouts

2012 Public Facilities Financing Plan and Impact Fee Program--Effective February 1, 2013

The City of Merced, with the assistance of a 12-member Task Force, recently reviewed its Public Facilities Financing Plan and Public Facilities Impact Fee program.  (These are fees charged to new development based on its impacts on public infrastructure).  The Public Facilities Impact Fee Task Force and staff recommended to the City Council modifications to the Impact Fees which result in reductions of 55 to 57 percent for all land use categories.  The 2012 Public Facilities Financing Plan is now available.  (The document can be downloaded from the "2012 Public Facilities Financing Plan" folder below).  

A public hearing on the proposal was conducted as part of the regular City Council agenda on Monday, November 19, 2012, and the City Council unanimously voted to introduce Ordinance #2400 to adopt the new fee program.  The Ordinance had a second reading and was adopted on December 3, 2012, with the new fees being effective in 60 days or on February 1, 2013.  The fees are also adjusted on an annual basis on January 1st of each year, based on the Construction Cost Index.  For the latest fees, contact the City Planning Division or refer to the "Application Forms" webpage under "Fee Schedules."  If you have any questions about the Impact Fees or the Financing Plan, please contact the Merced City Planning Division at 209-385-6858 or by email to 

Wal-Mart Distribution Center
For information regarding the Wal-Mart Distribution Center project, please follow this link.

South Merced Community Plan & EIR

The South Merced Community Plan and the Final Environmental Impact Report for the South Merced Specific Plan were adopted by the Merced City Council in January 2008.  The documents are available for download below (please scroll down to the bottom of the page under the "South Merced Community Plan" header).  For further information on the South Merced Community Plan and EIR process, please follow this link

Parsons Avenue Bridge over Bear Creek Project 

The City of Merced has recently completed a Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) for the “Parsons Avenue Bridge over Bear Creek” Project.  This Draft MND is an informational document that is intended to inform decision-makers, other responsible or interested agencies, and the general public of potential environmental effects of the proposed project.  The Draft MND is one step in a process to achieve the City Council’s goal to extend Parsons Avenue from southeast Merced to Bellevue Road. 

Other Documents Available

The Planning Division has many documents and handouts available on various subjects. Below are several documents related to the City's population from 1900 to the present, demographic information from the 2000 Census, the South Merced Strategic Plan, development in the Downtown area, Small Lot Design Guidelines, as well as environmental documents on various projects, such as the new Mercy Hospital project at Cormorant and G (now under construction) and the City's Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion project. Also below is a list of publications and their cost that can be obtained at the Planning Division offices on the 2nd Floor of the Merced Civic Center at 678 West 18th Street, Merced or by calling (209) 385-6858. Other documents will be added to this page as they become available.

Documents & Handouts
Section UL
 Planning Publications Price List (2008) (35 KB)
01-2012 Public Facilities Financing Plan
Section UL
 2012 Public Facilities Financing Plan (9.45 MB)
 2012 Public Facilities Financing Plan--Appendices (23.01 MB)
 City Public Facilities Impact Fees--General Information (1.33 MB)
Bicycle Plans
Section UL
 Know Your California Bicycle Laws (118.4 KB)
City Projects
Section UL
 City Council Presentation on G St Railroad Undercrossing-11/3/08 (3.2 MB)
 Final WWTP EIR--Complete Report (December 2006) (4.65 MB)
 Final WWTP EIR--Executive Summary (141.4 KB)
Demographic/Population Information
Section UL
 City of Merced Demographic Profiles from 2000 Census (329.2 KB)
 City of Merced Population & Housing Estimates--As of Jan. 1, 2015 (37 KB)
 City of Merced's Historic Population (1900-2015) (16.2 KB)
Downtown Guidelines
Section UL
 16th Street Design Guidelines (590.2 KB)
 Downtown Lighting Strategy (1.17 MB)
Environmental Documents
Section UL
 1 - Bellevue Ranch Draft EIR Chapter 1 - 4.5 (5.64 MB)
 2 - Bellevue Ranch Draft EIR Chapter 4.6 - 4.12 (5.42 MB)
 3 - Bellevue Ranch Draft EIR Chapter 4.13 - Comments (4.06 MB)
 4 - Bellevue Ranch Final EIR Section I - II (4.63 MB)
 5 - Bellevue Ranch Final EIR Section III - VI (3.03 MB)
 6 - Bellevue Ranch - Addendum to the EIR (4.94 MB)
 Belleuve Road #5 Draft EIR (26.49 MB)
 Belleuve Road #5 Final EIR (8.28 MB)
 Draft EIR for Mercy Hospital (17.6 MB)
 Final EIR for Mercy Medical Center (17.02 MB)
 Parsons Avenue Bridge over Bear Creek Project (19.1 MB)
Residential Developments
Section UL
 Affordable Housing and Its Relationship to Property Values (1.1 MB)
 Myths and Facts about Affordable & High Density Housing (2.45 MB)
 Small Lot Design Guidelines (962.5 KB)
South Merced Community Plan (2007-08)
Section UL
 Draft EIR for the South Merced Specific Plan (29.06 MB)
 Final Environmental Impact Report - South Merced Community Plan -- November 2007 (9.2 MB)
 South Merced Community Plan -- November 2007 (14.84 MB)
South Merced Strategic Plan (2003)
Section UL
 South Merced Strategic Plan Doc (1.31 MB)
 South Merced Strategic Plan Map (2.09 MB)
 South Merced Strategic Plan Poster (2.76 MB)
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