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Chapter 10--Noise (Adopted March 15, 1993)

The main purpose of the Noise Chapter is to identify noisy areas and to provide measures for protecting residents from the harmful effects of excessive noise. The Noise Chapter is based on an analysis of current and projected noise levels for streets and highways, railroads, and airports. Existing noise-sensitive land uses such as hospitals, rest homes, schools, and long-term medical care facilities are identified, and a set of City policies are established to deal with excessive noise.

The Noise Chapter provides a systematic approach to: 1) the measurement and modeling of noise; 2) the establishment of noise standards; 3) the control of major noise sources; 4) community planning for the regulation of noise; and, 5) the achievement of land use compatibility through the adoption of specific policies with respect to noise.

Existing noise contours for all major sources of noise in the City of Merced have been identified. These noise contours are used as a guide for establishing land use patterns in the Land Use Chapter that minimize the exposure of community residents to excessive noise. The Noise Chapter also includes policies and implementation measures that address protecting sensitive land uses from excessive noise, minimizing impacts of noise on the general population, and reducing noise levels.

Other highlights of the Noise Chapter include:

strategies and noise abatement techniques for dealing with noise problems;

truck routes and noise compatibility guidelines;

discussions regarding the basic characteristics of noise as well as social, economic, and psychological effects of noise; and,

technical data used to calculate current and projected noise contours for major noise sources.

Chapter 10--Noise


A Quiet Environment

Sensitive Land Use Protected From Excessive Noise


N-1.1 Minimize the impacts of aircraft noise.

N-1.2 Reduce surface vehicle noise.

N-1.3 Reduce equipment noise levels.

N-1.4 Reduce noise levels at the receiver where noise reduction at the source is not possible.

N-1.5 Coordinate planning efforts so that noise-sensitive land uses are not located near major noise sources.

N-1.6 Mitigate all significant noise impacts as a condition of project approval for sensitive land uses.

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