Yosemite Ave - Gardner Ave to Hatch Rd - Annex


This project involves 70-acres of land for consideration to be brought into the City limits. The project includes the University Village Merced student housing and retail component that proposes to provide off-campus student housing and commercial retail uses on a 30-acre portion of the site at the northeast corner of E. Yosemite Avenue and N. Gardner Avenue (). No development is proposed on the remaining 40 acres that surround the 30-acre portion. The City is proposing land use and zoning designations of Urban Transition (U-T) and Low Density Residential (R-1-10) for the 40-acres.  The 30-acre "University Village" site (described below) is proposed to be zoned Planned Development.

University Village Merced, LLC (project applicant) is requesting entitlements to allow construction of the student housing and retail component of the project. A general overview of the project elements is included below ().

  • 330 residential units in 22 three-story buildings;
  • 813 spaces for student parking;
  • An approximately 10,000 square foot (sf) single-story clubhouse/administration building, with gymnasium and study/lounge area;
  • Outdoor recreation area and amenities including landscaping;
  • 66,000 sf of commercial retail space in five single-story buildings with the potential for 18 extended stay units and 12 apartments above;
  • 323 retail parking spaces; and
  • Stormwater retention basin accommodating runoff from all 30 acres.



Public scoping meeting for EIR Notice of Preparation. Click here for more information.