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Election/Voter Information

Election/Voter Information:


2015 Listing of Public Officials

For more information on filing deadlines, please visit the County of Merced website at:

Candidate / Incumbent Information:

Campaign Committees (Candidates) and Incumbents are required to file Campaign Statements (Form 460) with the City Clerk’s Office, as long as their campaign committees remain open and active.  To view current Campaign Statement forms, please click on the name of the incumbent(s) and/or candidate(s) below.  Addresses and phone numbers have been omitted.

Copies of the complete statements are on file with the City Clerk's Office at:  678 West 18th Street, First Floor, Merced, CA  95340. (For a map of the six City Council districts, please follow the link on our home page.)

 *As of January 1, 2016 the Campaign Contribution Limits are:
 $598.41 for an Individual; and $2,393.65 for an Entity.


    Dossetti, Tony (Currently, City Council Member)
    Murphy, Mike (Currently, City Council Member)


    Adams, Necola L.
(Form 460 Semi-Annual due 8/1/16)
    Murphy, Michael W. (Currently, City Council Member)
Pedrozo, Joshua (Currently, Mayor Pro Tempore)


    District 1-- Three candidates.

        Alshami, Sonia F. (Form 460 Semi-Annual due 8/1/16)      
        Jenkins, Lakisha K. 
(Form 460 Semi-Annual due 8/1/16)
        Ornelas, Jesse F. (Form 460 Semi-Annual due 8/1/16

    District 3-- One candidate. 

        Kazakos, Daniel R.
(Form 460 Semi-Annual due 8/1/16)

    District 5-- One candidate.

        Sabzehzar, Daniel E. (Form 460 Semi-Annual due 8/1/16)


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