Downtown Steering Committee

The Downtown Steering Committee is advisory to the City Council, and staff on downtown activities and programs.  The Committee is appointed by and responsible to the City Council.  The Committee is responsible for monitoring and reporting the progress on the 1999 Downtown Strategy to the City Council, coordinating and aligning the activities of various organizations involved in downtown, including through recommendations on City contracts with these organizations, annually review and develop recommendations for the use of Downtown Fund Money.

The Committee consists of seven members, each representing organizations with vested interest in the success and character preservation of Downtown Merced.  The seven organizations include: Design Review Commission Board and Historic Preservation Commission, Chamber of Commerce, Conference and Visitors Bureau, Merced County Arts Council, Merced County Historical Society, and Merced Downtown Association.  At the February 6, 2006 Council Meeting the one-year term appointment of members was changed to a three-year term.  Meetings are held quarterly on the second Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m. in the Civic Center. 

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