Economic Development Advisory Committee

Authority 13.64 of the Merced Municipal Code

The Economic Development Advisory Committee is advisory to the City Council and staff on business and industrial development policies and programs. The Committee is appointed by and responsible to the City Council. There are eight City representatives (including one Chamber of Commerce representative) and seven County representatives, and one representative from the Airport Authority, each serving eight-year terms of office.

In this advisory capacity, the Committee will act on issues referred by the City Council, or those originated by the Committee and referred to the Council. The Committee also furnishes additional expertise to supplement staff skills in fields such as finance, transportation, and real estate, assists staff and the City Council in particular company expansions or locations in Merced, assists the Council and staff in community education or economic business development topics, advise in the development of sound regulatory policies affecting business and industry, and advise the City Council on matters related to the development of industrial lands adjacent to the Municipal Airport.  

In the course of thier duties, Committee memebers occasionally handle confidential business information. Committee work may also involve out-of-town travel in particular business development cases. Meetings are held as needed, at the call of the Chairman.  

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