Submitted Maps

At the September 1, 2015 meeting, the Independent Districting Advisory Committee voted to submit the following maps (halves) to Council for consideration.

Focus Maps

Palma 1          Interactive Map  PDF Map
Belluomini 2    Interactive Map  PDF Map
NDC C            Interactive Map  PDF Map 

Comparison of the Focus Maps

Inactive Maps

Flores 1          Interactive Map  PDF Map  
Lentz 1           Interactive Map  PDF Map
Ensminger 9   Interactive Map   PDF Map 
Ewing 1           Interactive Map  PDF Map  
Ensminger 1    Interactive Map  PDF Map  
Ensminger 2    Interactive Map  PDF Map 
Ensminger 3    Interactive Map  PDF Map 
Ensminger 4    Interactive Map  PDF Map  
Ensminger 5    Interactive Map  PDF Map  
Ensminger 6    Interactive Map  PDF Map  
Ensminger 7    Interactive Map  PDF Map  
Benner 1         Interactive Map  PDF Map  
Donovan 1       Interactive Map  PDF Map 
Foster 1          Interactive Map  PDF Map  
Anonymous 1  Interactive Map  PDF Map  
DNA 1a           Interactive Map  PDF Map  
DNA 1b           Interactive Map  PDF Map 
Trounstine 1    Interactive Map  PDF Map  
Ensminger 8    Interactive Map  PDF Map 
NDC A             Interactive Map  PDF Map
NDC B             Interactive Map  PDF Map 

All maps submitted to the Committee for consideration are posted here for review by the public.