Veterans Boulevard

City honoring Fallen Heroes on Veterans Boulevard

Memorial plaques are going up along street corners on Veterans Boulevard in Merced honoring the City's fallen heroes.

The City Council approved the Veterans Memorial Signs on M Street to pay its respects to the service members who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

The Council has previously acknowledged the City’s close connection to its Veteran’s. The bridge spanning Bear Creek was recently renamed Veterans Memorial Bridge. When the bridge was renovated, flag poles were installed so that the flags of the five branches of the Armed Forces could be flown on the bridge to honor the community’s Veterans.

Currently, Public Works Department crews are posting the name plaques the length of M Street, which the City Council recently gave the honorary name of Veterans Boulevard. By Veterans Day, Nov. 11, all of the memorial plaques will be installed with the names, rank, the date of birth and the date the person died in service to their country.

So far, staff has the names of 80 military personnel from the City who have died while serving during combat. The further back staff goes, the more incomplete the list is, and staff has limited records on World War I Veterans.

"In talking with local veterans officials we anticipate that this list may not be complete," said Assistant City Manager Stephanie Dietz. "If your loved one was a City resident and is not on this list, please let us know."

A list of the 80 City residents being memorialized is posted at

Here is a map showing locations of the Veterans Memorial Street Signs.

If their loved one is not listed, people can call Dietz at (209) 388-8670.