Merced Housing Division 2014 Projects

Affordable and Fair Housing

  • The Merced Housing Division purchased one (1) home with NSP funds to add to the existing NSP stock, ten (10) homes were rehabilitated, and eight (8) homes were sold.

  • The Merced Housing Division provided $40,000 in CDBG and HOME funds to Central Valley Coalition for a Fair Housing Hotline and Education program. The program provided 45 Fair Housing Workshops with a total of 152 attendees.

  • The Merced Housing Division spent $509,945 of NSP funds to rehabilitate and resell eight (8) homes to assist First Time Homebuyers acquiring previously foreclosed houses. Of the homes purchased with Neighborhood Stabilization Programs, six (6) are currently being rehabilitated and the others will be rehabilitated in the order in which they were purchased.  A total of four (4) first-time home buyers received gap financing loans with NSP funding.


Community Safety

  • The Merced Housing Division funded $74,000 for a graffiti abatement program which received 326 calls for graffiti abatement reported and over 2,341 incidents/images taken requiring abatement.


2014 Grant Recipients

  • The Merced Boys and Girls Club received $6,220 to provide the youth administered Smart Moves Program. The program provided support and educated the participants the effects of drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse.  The program was successful in educating 16 youth over the course of 29 sessions.

  • The Merced Lao Family received $6,980 to provide a youth program, in which 65 youth were registered. There were 102 Qeej class session sand 93 dance sessions, as well as various public shows in the community and surrounding areas.

  • Healthy House received $3,000 to provide senior citizens assistance with understanding medical forms, the community’s transportation system, and setting up medical appointments.  This program was successful in educating 50 senior citizens with chronic medical illnesses.

  • Merced County Community Action Agency received $10,000 to provide rental assistance to households that were behind on rent and at risk of being evicted. This program was successful in preventing 10 households or 22 individuals from becoming homeless. Of the households that received assistance all are current with their rent and utilities.

  • Valley Crisis Center received $8,314 to provide assistance to households that were victims of domestic violence.   This program was able to help 15 female adults with a combined 35 children to relocate to a safe living situation; family sizes ranged from 1 child to 7 children.  Of the households that received assistance, 10 were able to maintain their new safe housing situation, one (1) adult found work, and one (1) adult became a full time student

  • The Merced Housing Division provided $38,000 for administration of the Continuum of Care program and monitoring/coordination of the 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness.

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