Standard Designs AutoCAD Drawings - PDF Format

Introduction to Standard Designs

I-1 Introduction to Standard Designs


BW-1 Bikeway Designation & Details
BW-1A Concrete Bikeway
BW-2 Class 1 Bikeway Requirements
BW-3 Offset Bikeway Access 
BW-4 Typical Wall - Cross Section
BW-5 Bikeway Access Approach
BW-6 Bikeway Access Approach
BW-7 Bikeway Barrier
BW-8 Typical Bike Lane Cross Sections


D-1 Residential Driveway (Modified Roll Curb) 
D-2 Residential Driveway (Standard Curb)
D-3 Residential Driveway (Standard Curb)
D-4 Residential Driveway (Vertical Curb)
D-5 Alternate Method For Curb Closure
D-6 Alley Driveway Approach
D-7 Commercial/Industrial Driveway
D-7A Handicapped Access at Driveway
D-8 General Requirements - Driveway Approaches
D-9 General Specifications - Driveways


F-1 Round & Square Post Details
F-2 Chain link Fence Specifications
F-3 Chain link Fence Specifications
F-4 6-Foot Ornamental Screen Fence
F-5 Decorative Wall
F-6 Retaining Walls
F-7 Typical High Fence w/ Barbed Wire
F-8 Typical High Fence w/out Barbed Wire
F-9 Typical Swing Gates w/ Barbed Wire
F-10 Typical Swing Gates w/out Barbed Wire


G-1 Parking Lot Details


L-1 Tree Planting & Staking
L-1A Typical Street Tree Placement
L-2 Tree Planter Box in Sidewalk
L-3 Parking Lot Landscape Standards
L-4 Parking Lot Landscape Standards
L-5 Parking Lot Landscape Standards


MT-1 Approved Materials
MT-2 Approved Materials


M-1 Standard Deleted
M-2 Standard Legend Symbols
M-3 Standard Legend Symbols
M-4 Standard Legend Symbols
M-5 Survey Monumentation


R-1 Standard Deleted
R-2 Front End Loader Service
R-2A Front End Loader - Angled Service
R-3 Roll Off Service
R-4 Refuse Enclosure Detail
R-4A Refuse Enclosure Gate
R-5 Refuse - General Requirements
R-6 One Yard Rear Loader


S-1 Sewer Manhole Detail
S-2 Drop Manhole
S-2A Inside Drop Manhole

S-3 Manhole Frame & Cover
S-3A Large Size Manhole Frame & Cover
S-4 Standard Deleted
S-5 Typical Grease Interceptor
S-5A Typical Sand & Oil Interceptor
S-5B Sampling Manhole
S-5C General Requirements For Grease, Sand & Oil Interceptors
S-5D General Requirements For Grease, Sand & Oil Interceptors
S-6 Swimming Pool Indirect Waste System
S-7 Sewer Lateral
S-8 Sanitary Sewer Data
S-9 Sewer System Testing
S-9A Sewer Manhole Testing
S-10 Low Pressure Air Test Table
S-11 PVC Sanitary Sewer
S-12 Standard Deleted
S-13 Standard Superceded
S-14 Sewer Lateral Abandonment
S-15 New Manhole / Existing Sewer
S-16 Industrial Waste Monitoring Station - Access Box Type
S-17 Industrial Waste Monitoring Station - Manhole Type
S-18 Portable Generator Connections For Sewer & Storm Drain Pump Stations


SCG-1 Sidewalk, Curb & Gutter Section
SCG-1A Drive Over Curb
SCG-2 ADA Access Ramp
SCG-3 Cross Gutter
SCG-4 General Requirements - Sidewalk, Curb & Gutter
SCG-5 Sidewalk Returns
SCG-6 Curb House Numbers
SCG-7 U.S. Postal Service Box & Mailbox Cluster


SD-1 Standard Deleted
SD-2 Type "B" Catch Basin
SD-3 Type "C" Catch Basin
SD-3A Catch Basin Curb Transition Detail
SD-4 Storm Drain Junction Structure
SD-5 Curb Drain
SD-6 Alternate Curb Drain
SD-7 Standard Transition Structure
SD-8 PCC Collar Pipe Connections
SD-9 Storm Drain Pipe Requirements
SD-10 Storm Drain Manhole Details
SD-11 Alternate Storm Drain Manhole
SD-12 Flood Damage Prevention
SD-13 Storm Drain Design
SD-14 Storm Drain Design
SD-15 Storm Drain Design
SD-16 Storm Drain Design
SD-17 Storm Drain Design
SD-18 Storm Drain Design
SD-19 Storm Drain Design
SD-20 Storm Drain Design
SD-21 Storm Drain Design
SD-22 Storm Drain Design Reference Data
SD-23 Storm Drain Design Reference Data
SD-24 Storm Drain Design Reference Data
SD-25 Storm Drain Design Reference Data
SD-26 Storm Drain Design Reference Data
SD-27 Storm Drain Design Reference Data
SD-28 Storm Drain Design Sheet - A
SD-29 Storm Drain Design Sheet - B
SD-30 Fenced Basin Detail
SD-31 Standard Deleted
SD-32 Storm Drain Pump Station Design
SD-33 Storm Drain Pump Station - Panel Detail
SD-33A Storm Drain Pump Station - Details & Equip. List
SD-34 High Water Cut Off


SL-1 Street Lighting Standard
SL-2 Street Light Standards
SL-3 Street Lighting Standards
SL-4 Underground Electrical Feed Point - Unmetered
SL-5 Circuit Breaker
SL-6 Street Lighting Standard


ST-1 Local Streets
ST-1A Local Streets, 2015 General Plan
ST-2 Collector & Arterial Streets
ST-2A Expressways
ST-2B Major Arterial & Arterial
ST-2C Transitway
ST-2D Collector Street Alternate
ST-2E Summary of Street Standards
ST-3 Intersection Bulb for Minor Residential Street
ST-4 Standard Cul-De-Sac
ST-5 Valley Gutters & Alleys
ST-6 General Requirements


TC-1 Street Name Sign
TC-2 Standard Deleted
TC-2A Illuminated Street Name Signs
TC-3 Street Name Signs Posts Location
TC-4 Stop Sign
TC-4A Fire Lane Sign
TC-5 Traffic Islands
TC-6 Standard Barricade
TC-7 Minimum Parking Requirements - Off Street
TC-8 Parking Stall & Curb Location
TC-8A Handicap Stall & Curb Location
TC-9 Parallel & 90 Degree Parking
TC-10 Angle Parking Layout
TC-11 Pavement Markings, Arrows & Symbols
TC-12 Bus Turnout Detail
TC-13 Regulatory Signs - Downtown

TC-14 Pavement Markings & Words
TC-15 Project Identification Sign


TS-1 Underground Electrical Feed Point Metered
TS-2 Wiring Diagram & Construction Notes


T-1 Trenching Excavation & Backfill
T-2 Trenching in Concrete Areas
T-3 Trenching & Backfill Requirements
T-4 Trenching & Backfill Requirements
T-5 Trenching & Backfill Requirements


W-1 Protection of Water Lines from Sanitary Sewer
W-2 Fire Hydrant & Valve Assembly
W-3 1" Water Service Connections
W-4 1-1/2" & 2" Water Service Connections
W-5 Blowoff Valve
W-6 Cast Iron Fittings with Concrete Thrust Blocks
W-7 Thrust Blocks
W-8 Double Check Valve Backflow Preventer
W-9 Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preventer
W-9A Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preventer with Compound Meter
W-10 Well Destruction
W-10A Monitoring Well
W-11 Air Release Valve
W-12 Standard Deleted
W-13 Standard Deleted
W-14 Compound Meter
W-15 Water Systems - Construction Specifications
W-16 Water Systems - Construction Specifications
W-16A Water Systems - Approved Alternates
W-16B Standard Deleted
W-16C Pipeline Location Marker
W-16D Tracer Wire Splice
W-17 Water Systems - Construction Specifications
W-18 Water Systems - Construction Specifications
W-19 Water Systems - Construction Specifications
W-20 Water Systems - Construction Specifications
W-21 Water Systems - Construction Specifications
W-22 Water Systems - Construction Specifications
W-23 Water Systems - Construction Specifications
W-24 Backflow/Cross Connection Control Requirements
W-25 Backflow/Cross Connection Control Requirements
W-26 Backflow/Cross Connection Control Requirements
W-27 Backflow/Cross Connection Control Requirements
W-28 Air-Gap Separation
W-29 Fluoridation Treatment Facilities
W-30 Fluoridation Treatment Facilities
W-31 Application & Permit to Use Fire Hydrant
W-32 Water Service Meter Boxes
W-33 Pit Mounting Detail
W-34 Water Main Sterilization
W-35 Water Use out of a Fire Hydrant
W-36 Fire Hydrant and Water Main Sterilization
W-37 Backflow Preventer Enclosure
W-38 Water Service for Small Lots or Dead Ends