Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

My Fire Alarm is going off at my building, who do I call?

  • Call 911 or if a false alarm, call the Police Dispatch at (209) 385-6905.

Were do I dispose of needles and medication?

Where can I get sand bags?

  • The City of Merced Fire Department provides sand bags during times of flooding. At this time, sand bags are not available. 

Why are Firefighters shopping at the grocery store during work hours?

  • Your Firefighters work  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and need to be available at a moments notice. They shop everyday for food and supplies, with their own money, because they eat their meals at the station. Since Firefighters never know when they will receive an emergency call for service they always have to be close to their apparatus. This prevents any unnecessary delays in responding to the emergency needs of citizens and visitors.
  • The City of Merced Fire Department provides sand bags during times of flooding. At this time, sand bags are not available


How do I request a Fire Station Tour or Fire Engine Demonstration?

Can you help me install or check may infant car seat?

  • We do not install infant car seats, for information on installing a car seat, please contact the California Highway Patrol

Do you offer a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) class?

I live within the City Limits of Merced and my home owner's insurance wants to know my ISO Rating?

  • The City of Merced Fire Department has an ISO Public Protection Classification rating of two (2). 

I see a leaky fire hydrant within the city limits of Merced, who do I call?

  • Call the City of Merced Public Works Department at (209) 385-6800 or report is using the "Merced Connect" phone app.

How come I see fire trucks with full lights and sirens go through a red light at intersections and then, after they go through, they turn off their lights and slow down?

  • Sometimes several units are dispatched to the same incident. The first unit may have arrived on the scene, surveyed the situation and informed the dispatcher that the situation was under control. All other responding units were cancelled and put back into service, ready to take another call. Most likely, when you see an emergency vehicle go "Code 3" (lights and siren) through an intersection and then slow down and turn the emergency lights off, they have been cancelled from the call they were going on.

Why does a fire truck/engine AND an ambulance respond to medical emergencies?

  • Fire truck/engine are strategically located throughout the city and staffed with certified Emergency Medical Technicians or Certified paramedics who are able to provide you with quick medical help. 

Why don't you want me to drive over a fire hose?

  • The fire hose is the lifeline of a firefighter when fighting a fire.  If you drive over it, the hose may become damaged, and any firefighter at the end of a nozzle will have the water supply interrupted, possibly causing injury or death.

Who do I call about a fire extinguisher that does not work?

  • Check the yellow pages or the internet under Fire Extinguishers.  The Merced Fire Department does not service fire extinguishers.

Knox Boxes - Knox Box Company

  • The Merced Municipal Code requires a key box on every occupancy (except private residences R-3) where off site monitoring notifies the fire department. Private residences may install a key box and provide the key to their local fire station for citizens who may not be able to get to the door in case of emergency. For more information contact Fire Prevention.
  • The KNOX-BOX® Rapid Entry System was specifically developed for the fire department. With one master key, they can gain access to commercial and residential property. More than 11,500 departments nationwide use Knox key boxes, vaults, Haz-Mat cabinets, key switches, locking FDC caps, and padlocks.

Is today a Burn Day?

  • San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District determines if burning is allowed every day. Contact (209) 557-6400 or visit their website.