Fire Station 51

Company 51

Company 51 is the Fire Department Headquarters and the Central Fire Station. Also located at this location are the Administrative Offices, the Training Tower and a Training Classroom.


Engine 51, 2016 Pierce Quantum PUC

Responds to all incidents in Company 51's District & second in to all others.


Truck 51, 2001 Frontline Pierce Truck.

An 85 foot Aerial with a personnel working platform (bucket).


Truck 251, 1993 Reserve Pierce Truck.

A 105 foot aerial, with a full compliment of ground ladders.



Additional equipment located at Fire Station 51 not pictured

  • HAZMAT Decon Trailer
  • Rescue Trailer
  • Rehab Unit  
  • Fire Prevention Vehicles
  • Administrative Vehicles
  • Support Vehicle