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Geographic Information System (GIS)

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer system for assembling, storing, manipulating and displaying data which contains physical locations (geographic coordinates) of features (fire hydrants, streets, parcels), and information about those features (attribute data). GIS links the location of features to information (such as people to addresses, buildings to parcels, or streets within a network) and layers that information to give you a better understanding of how it all works together. GIS is most often associated with maps.

In the City of Merced GIS is a function of theĀ Public Works Department andĀ used to support all City Departments in the creation of maps, and as tool to support decision-making in areas such as planning, design, maintenance, repair, and emergency response.

This website contains static maps that can be viewed or printed using Adobe Acrobat. The maps will print on standard letter sized paper and are specific to locations within the City. In addition to the maps there are links to other GIS websites that offer more maps or information about available GIS resources.

Direction Maps
Maps of directions to and around the City of Merced
Section UL
 Directions to City of Merced Civic Center (80.5 KB)
 Directions to the UC Merced Campus (89.7 KB)
 Location of the City of Merced (805.6 KB)
 Merced City Limits (506.3 KB)
Economic Development
Section UL
 City of Merced & UC Merced Site Map (140.1 KB)
 Office of Economic Development Enterprise Zone (244.4 KB)
 UC Site and Community Aerial (2.93 MB)
Fire Dept Maps
Fire Department Maps
Section UL
 Fire Department District Map (591.2 KB)
Parks and Community Services
Maps for Parks and Community Serivces activities
Section UL
 Merced Bike Paths (422.2 KB)
 Zoo Residents (link)
Police Dept Maps
Police Department Maps
Section UL
 Police Department Districts (677.8 KB)
Section UL
 Redevelopment Agency Gateways Project Area (425.5 KB)
 Redevelopment Agency Project Area 2 (170 KB)
 Redevelopment Agency Project Areas (472.6 KB)
large pictures of animals
Section UL
 Alpaca_and_Goats (356.5 KB)
 Applegate_Park_Zoo_Entrance (107 KB)
 Bear (302.5 KB)
 Bears (235.3 KB)
 Birds (209.9 KB)
 Black_Swans (216.7 KB)
 Bobcat_1 (354.3 KB)
 Bobcat_2 (112.8 KB)
 Bobcat_3 (212.2 KB)
 Buck (353.8 KB)
 Deer (356.1 KB)
 Doves (348.4 KB)
 Duck (382.9 KB)
 Ed_Zoo_Cation_Bldg (275.6 KB)
 Emus (372.4 KB)
 Fox_1 (379.5 KB)
 Fox_2 (328.4 KB)
 Fox_3 (97.6 KB)
 Gift_Shop (155.3 KB)
 Goat (387.7 KB)
 Mac (153.2 KB)
 Monkey_1 (348.8 KB)
 Monkey_2 (331.2 KB)
 Monkey_3 (336.3 KB)
 Monkey_4 (119.2 KB)
 Mountain Lion - Mac (380.6 KB)
 Owl (168.6 KB)
 Rabbits_Swan_Crain_Box_Turtle (344 KB)
 Raccoon_1 (355.6 KB)
 Raccoon_2 (194.9 KB)
 Raccoon_3 (151.1 KB)
 Raven_and_Tortise (390.4 KB)
 Redtail_Hawk (316.4 KB)
 Sparrow_Hawk (340.5 KB)
 Swanson_Hawk (311.9 KB)
 Tortise (163.5 KB)
Animals thumbnail size
Section UL
 Alpaca_and_Goat (38.2 KB)
 Applegate_Park_Zoo (7 KB)
 Bear_1 (24.1 KB)
 Bears (29 KB)
 Birds (41 KB)
 Black_Swans (22.9 KB)
 Bobcat_1 (37.9 KB)
 Bobcat_2 (9.3 KB)
 Bobcat_3 (19.5 KB)
 Buck (40.3 KB)
 Deer (356.1 KB)
 Doves (34.5 KB)
 Duck (45.4 KB)
 Ed_Zoo_Cation_Bldg (23.2 KB)
 Emus (41.9 KB)
 Fox_1 (45.7 KB)
 Fox_2 (39.1 KB)
 Fox_3 (8 KB)
 Gift_Shop (12.6 KB)
 Goat (42.6 KB)
 Monkey_1 (39.8 KB)
 Monkey_2 (34.9 KB)
 Monkey_3 (35.4 KB)
 Monkey_4 (10 KB)
 Mountain_Lion_1 (42.4 KB)
 Mountain_Lion_2 (13 KB)
 Owl (13.1 KB)
 Rabbits_and_Swan (45.8 KB)
 Raccoon_1 (38.7 KB)
 Raccoon_2 (21.6 KB)
 Raccoon_3 (12.5 KB)
 Raven_and_Tortise (45.9 KB)
 Redtail_Hawk (29.7 KB)
 Sparrow_Hawk (34 KB)
 Swanson_Hawk (30.5 KB)
 Tortise (12.2 KB)
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