Avoid Foreclosure

Merced has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation. It’s estimated that one out of every 82 homeowners in Merced is having problems paying the mortgage.

Don’t become one of those people. Don’t lose your home and wreck your credit rating. Take action today to avoid foreclosure. If you are having problems making your house payment, don’t ignore the problem.

  • Call your lender and ask for the “Work Out” desk or the “Loss Mitigation Department,” where they may be able to help you with your payments. Be honest with them about your finances. Don’t ignore the letters from your lender.
  • Don’t abandon your home. Stay in it while you work with the lender. You can lose eligibility for some assistance programs if you move out of your home.

There are other places to get help.

Call the Hope Hotline any time of the day or night to get free help at 1-888-995-HOPE or go to 995hope.org.

The State of California has information for homeowners with mortgage problems. Go to http://www.yourhome.ca.gov/ or for help in Spanish go to http://www.sucasa.ca.gov/.

For information about FHASecure, a refinancing option for homeowners who were able to make their payments until the loans were reset, go to http://www.fha.gov/.

Find your lender or mortgage company:

Housing counseling services:

Internal Revenue Service information on foreclosure tax consequences: