Neighborhood Parks

City of Merced neighborhood parks

Ada Givens Park- 2,900 acres
300 blk of 27th Street
Picnic shelter, swimming pool, ball fields,
soccer field, drinking fountain

Bernasconi Park- 6.5 acres
3770 De Soto Way
Playground, ball fields, basketball
courts, picnic tables

Bob Carpenter Park- 6 acres
Selverado & Parsons Ave.

Playground, bike path, drinking fountain,
bbq grill, picnic tables

Carolo Gabriault Park- 5.95 acres
1601 Willowbrook Dr.


Davenport Park- 8.5 acres
SW corner of Dunn & Whitedove
Playground, picnic tables, drinking
fountain, bbq grill

Flanagan Park- 4 acres
Cone Ave. & Las Brisas
Playground, picnic shelter, ball field,
basketball courts, bbq grill

Gilbert Macias Park- 4.91 acres
Childs Ave. & G Street

Playground, picnic shelter, restrooms,
drinking fountains, bbq grill, baseketball

Elmer Murchie Park- 3.2 acres
Bellvue Ranch

Playground, benches, bike path, soccer
field, drinking fountain, bbq grill

Rudolph Joseph Merino Park- 8.69 acres
Pacific & El Redondo Ave.

Playground, ball fields, restrooms, picnic
tables, ballpark, soccer field, drinking fountain,
bbq grill, basketball court

Dwight Amey Park- 6 acres
Playground, benches, bbq grill

Stephan Gray Park- 1.52 acres
NW Bear Creek near Hwy 59

Playground, picnic tables, bbq grill

Stephen Leonard Park- 2.7 acres
7th & T Street

Playground, picnic shelter, swimming
pool, restrooms, drinking fountain,
youth center, bbq grill, basketball courts

Brooks Park- 4.22 acres
S. G Street & Gerard Ave.

Playground, soccer fields, picnic tables,
bbq grill

Burbank Park- 3.92 acres
E. Olive Avenue
Playground, picnic tables, drinking
fountain, bbq grill