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Job Descriptions
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Job Descriptions
Section UL
 Account Clerk I (58 KB)
 Account Clerk II (78.5 KB)
 Account Clerk III (54.3 KB)
 Accountant I & II (112.4 KB)
 Accountant III (164.3 KB)
 Accounting Technician (163.9 KB)
 Airport Maintenance Worker (159.1 KB)
 Airport Manager (116.6 KB)
 Airport Operations Technician (193.9 KB)
 Assistant Architect (197 KB)
 Assistant Chief Building Official (203 KB)
 Assistant City Clerk (209.1 KB)
 Assistant City Manager (186.2 KB)
 Assistant Engineer (178.9 KB)
 Assistant Planner (141.9 KB)
 Assistant to the City Manager (169.7 KB)
 Associate Architect (196.6 KB)
 Associate Engineer (191.7 KB)
 Associate Planner (173.2 KB)
 Building Inspector I (173 KB)
 Building Inspector II (173 KB)
 Building Inspector III (194.3 KB)
 Building Maintenance Worker I & II (83.7 KB)
 Capital Improvement Coordinator (243.9 KB)
 Chief Building Official (115.3 KB)
 Chief Deputy City Attorney (246.5 KB)
 City Attorney (29 KB)
 City Engineer (17.7 KB)
 City Manager (174.1 KB)
 Clerk Typist I (130.9 KB)
 Clerk Typist II (128.5 KB)
 Collection System Worker II (108.1 KB)
 Collection System Worker III (132.1 KB)
 Community Services Officer (286.4 KB)
 Computer Operator (66.4 KB)
 Computer Technician I (164.6 KB)
 Computer Technician II (166.4 KB)
 Container Maintenance Worker (184.5 KB)
 Crime Analyst (117.4 KB)
 Custodian I (140 KB)
 Custodian II (151.5 KB)
 Deputy City Attorney (28.6 KB)
 Deputy Finance Officer (77.2 KB)
 Development Associate (150.2 KB)
 Development Coordinator (146.6 KB)
 Development Manager (153.9 KB)
 Development Services Technician I (162.8 KB)
 Development Services Technician II (174.8 KB)
 Director Development Services (125.3 KB)
 Director of Information Technology (303.1 KB)
 Director of Parks and Community Services (197.7 KB)
 Director of Public Works (151.8 KB)
 Director of Support Services (198.8 KB)
 Dispatcher I (307.1 KB)
 Dispatcher II (265.9 KB)
 Engineering Technician I (133.6 KB)
 Engineering Technician II (153.8 KB)
 Engineering Technician III (162.9 KB)
 Engineering Technician IV (200 KB)
 Enviromental Control Officer I (73.9 KB)
 Environmental Control Officer II (110.6 KB)
 Environmental Project Manager (119.5 KB)
 Equipment Service Worker (49.5 KB)
 Executive Secretary (160.9 KB)
 Finance Officer (74.2 KB)
 Fire Battalion Chief (202.1 KB)
 Fire Captain (214.5 KB)
 Fire Chief (184.6 KB)
 Fire Deputy Chief (497.8 KB)
 Fire Engineer (192.5 KB)
 Fire Inspector (146.9 KB)
 Fire Inspector I (167.9 KB)
 Fire Inspector II (184.5 KB)
 Fire Inspector Trainee (194.3 KB)
 Firefighter (175.4 KB)
 Fleet Maintenance Lead Worker (138.2 KB)
 GIS Systems Coordinator (247.1 KB)
 Housing Finance Specialist I/II (102.5 KB)
 Housing Program Manager (143.5 KB)
 Housing Program Specialist (117.9 KB)
 Housing Program Supervisor (34.9 KB)
 Housing Rehabilitation Specialist I (193.7 KB)
 Housing Rehablitation Specialist II (172.3 KB)
 Information Technology Manager (439.6 KB)
 Instrumentation & Electrical Technician (469.7 KB)
 Insurance Clerk I/II (176.3 KB)
 Insurance Coordinator (179.4 KB)
 Laboratory Technician I (186.1 KB)
 Laboratory Technician II (198.2 KB)
 Laboratory Technician III (191.5 KB)
 Land Application Program Leadworker (181.6 KB)
 Land Engineer (37.2 KB)
 Lead - Public Works Water (148.4 KB)
 Lead Dispatcher (269.3 KB)
 Lead Refuse Equipment Operator (141.5 KB)
 Lead Zoo Keeper (184.8 KB)
 Legal Secretary (187.7 KB)
 Maintenance Electrician (68.1 KB)
 Maintenance Worker I (80.5 KB)
 Maintenance Worker II (113.2 KB)
 Maintenance Worker III (111.9 KB)
 Management Analyst (161.5 KB)
 Mechanic I (92.8 KB)
 Mechanic II (92.3 KB)
 Mechanic III (84.6 KB)
 NPDES Coordinator (264.7 KB)
 Paralegal (42.9 KB)
 Park Worker I (63.4 KB)
 Park Worker II (84.4 KB)
 Park Worker III (83.4 KB)
 Parking Enforcement Officer I (115.3 KB)
 Parking Enforcement Officer II (115.3 KB)
 Parts Clerk (84.5 KB)
 Payroll Accountant (181.4 KB)
 Payroll Coordinator (141.4 KB)
 Payroll Technician I/II (130.3 KB)
 Personnel Analyst (166.5 KB)
 Personnel Coordinator (278.8 KB)
 Personnel Technician I/II (289 KB)
 Personnel Technician III (170.2 KB)
 Pesticides Applicator I/II (208.1 KB)
 Plan Examiner I (144.5 KB)
 Plan Examiner II (147.1 KB)
 Planner (154.4 KB)
 Planning Manager (157 KB)
 Planning Technician I (127.5 KB)
 Planning Technician II (149.1 KB)
 Police Captain (239.9 KB)
 Police Chief (174 KB)
 Police Clerk I (158 KB)
 Police Clerk II (162.5 KB)
 Police Community Aide (142.6 KB)
 Police Corporal (188.5 KB)
 Police Lieutenant (358.7 KB)
 Police Officer - Senior Police Officer (189 KB)
 Police Officer Trainee (52.5 KB)
 Police Records Supervisor (138 KB)
 Police Sergeant (268 KB)
 Principal Architect (271 KB)
 Principal Civil Engineer (183.7 KB)
 Principal Planner (161.8 KB)
 Property Evidence Officer (141.6 KB)
 Public Information Officer (139.8 KB)
 Public Utilites Inspector (190.7 KB)
 Public Works - Sewer Collection System and Storm Drains Worker I (154.8 KB)
 Public Works Manager Operations (722.7 KB)
 Public Works Manager Tax Services (90.3 KB)
 Public Works Manager Water (198.7 KB)
 Public Works Manager-Wastewater (139.5 KB)
 Public Works Supervisor Fleet (118.2 KB)
 Public Works Supervisor Facilities (178.1 KB)
 Public Works Supervisor Main Sewer and Storm Drains (187.7 KB)
 Public Works Supervisor Parks and Trees (193.8 KB)
 Public Works Supervisor Solid Waste (174.8 KB)
 Public Works Supervisor Streets (210.9 KB)
 Public Works Supervisor Water (122.1 KB)
 Public Works Supervisor-Laboratory/Environmental Control (42.4 KB)
 Pump Operator (202.5 KB)
 Purchasing Supervisor (157.4 KB)
 Records Clerk I/II (112 KB)
 Recreation Coordinator (180.1 KB)
 Recreation Supervisor (180.5 KB)
 Recycling Coordinator (206.7 KB)
 Redevelopment Technician (240.9 KB)
 Refuse Equipment Operator (97.6 KB)
 Refuse Equipment Operator Trainee (96.6 KB)
 Reserve Police Officer (136.4 KB)
 Safety Specialist (30.4 KB)
 Secretary I (34.7 KB)
 Secretary II (182.6 KB)
 Secretary III (143.3 KB)
 Secretary III Police (175.4 KB)
 Senior Architect (222.3 KB)
 Senior Deputy City Attorney (196.9 KB)
 Senior Engineer (232.1 KB)
 Senior Laboratory Technician (194.2 KB)
 Senior Planner (187.8 KB)
 Software Analyst I, II, III (598.7 KB)
 Storekeeper (133.7 KB)
 Street Sweeper Operator (96.7 KB)
 Street Sweeper Operator Trainee (107.4 KB)
 Supervising Fire Inspector (194 KB)
 Supervising Plans Examiner (207.3 KB)
 Supervising Police Dispatcher (212.8 KB)
 Systems Engineer I/II (587.5 KB)
 Systems Engineer III (160.7 KB)
 Systems Technician I/II/III (458.4 KB)
 Temp Recreation Leader (122 KB)
 Traffic Signal Lighting Technician (172.6 KB)
 Tree Trimmer (127.2 KB)
 Urban Forestry Supervisor (230.9 KB)
 Volunteer Police Cadet (118.8 KB)
 Volunteer Recreation Aide (142.4 KB)
 Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance Supervisor (92.7 KB)
 Wastewater Treatment Plant Mechanic I/II (202.4 KB)
 Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations Supervisor (249.7 KB)
 Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator II (243 KB)
 Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator III (260.7 KB)
 Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Trainee/Operator I (254.9 KB)
 Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent (294.8 KB)
 Water Conservation Specialist (107.7 KB)
 Water Meter Backflow Technician (221.2 KB)
 Water System Irrigation Maintenance Worker (154.1 KB)
 Water Systems Technician I (144.8 KB)
 Water Systems Technician II (164.4 KB)
 Water Systems Technician III (180.5 KB)
 Welder I-II (78.6 KB)
 Zookeeper (158.4 KB)
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