City of Merced Salary Ranges

The City of Merced believes in transparency in government and the public’s right to know. The City’s website provides direct access to documents, agendas and other information. Below you can view salary information for Elected, Executive, and City positions. You can view the organizational chart of City Departments here.

City of Merced
Elected and Executive Salaries


Job Title Annual Salary
Mayor $840 comprised of $20/month for serving as City Council Member and an additional $50/month for serving as Mayor
Council Member $240 comprised of $20/month for serving as City Council Member
City Manager $209,723.07
City Attorney $204,600.03
Finance Officer $158,969.62
Fire Chief  $154,205.79
Police Chief $165,339.82
Other Department Directors $125,933.18 - $154,205.79


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The City’s annual report with the State Controller’s Office, identifying the annual compensation of officers and employees can be found by clicking this link: