SWAT & Tactical Negotiations Team




The Merced Police Department SWAT team was formed in 1975 to respond to high-risk incidents that require weaponry and tactics not available to patrol officers. These Officers are trained in tactical deployment, high risk warrant service, hostage rescue, bus and aircraft assaults, sniper training and deployment of special weapons. They also receive training in the use of chemical agents, less lethal munitions, noise/flash diversionary devices, climbing and rappelling and mobile operations.

The Merced Police Department SWAT team is deployed in situations where dangerous or armed suspects may be encountered such as hostage situations, barricaded suspects, and high-risk entry for search warrants.  The Merced Police Department SWAT team is truly a lifesaving organization that places the highest value on human life. Since the team’s inception in 1975, the Merced Police Department SWAT team has conducted several hundred SWAT missions without the loss of life to anyone.


The primary objective of the Merced Police SWAT team is to SAVE LIVES.









Merced Police S.W.A.T. Team