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Green Tips

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Applegate Park Rose Garden Project

Starting Monday morning, March 21st, you will see work going on in the rose garden. The city has been approved for a Department of Water Resources: Institutional Turf Replacement Program project. That means that all the labor and materials for the water efficiency project and refreshing of the roses will be paid for by the state.

A little more than 10,000 square feet of turf between the rose beds are being removed by a crew of young men and women with the California Conservation Corps. The turf will be replaced with decomposed granite thus eliminating the water needs of the turf. And we will be replacing old or damaged roses with new plants and refreshing the rose beds with a little over 200 new bare root roses. We’ve chosen are variety of roses in several colors.

The irrigation system around the roses will get an upgrade as well. In the long run this project will be an excellent water saver and increase the beauty enjoyed by all whether you are walking among the roses in the park or driving down M Street.

We hope to be able to have other projects coming soon thru the Institutional Turf Replacement Program as well.

State of California: Turf Replacement Program  - Accepting Applications Now!

State of California:  High Efficiency Toilet Replacement Program

Recycled Water to be used for Irrigation

Truck spraying recycled water

California Urban Water Conservation Council Releases New Do-It-Yourself Water Audit Videos
Click here to go to their Video Library

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How to Save Water 101  

*    Use drip irrigation for trees, shrubs, and flowers; saves 15 gallons/each time you water.  
*    Plant drought-resistant trees and plants; saves 30-60 gallons/each time you water/1,000 sq ft.  
*    Use a broom to clean driveways, sidewalks, and patios; saves 8-18 gallons/minute.  
*    Check your sprinkler system frequently and adjust so that you don’t have run-off; saves 15 gallons/each time you water.  
*    Place a layer of organic mulch around trees and plants, it helps reduce evaporation and prevents weeds; saves 20-30 gallons/each time you water/1,000 sq. ft.  
*    Turn off the shower water while washing your hair; saves up to 150 gallons a month.  
*    Turn off the faucet when brushing teeth or shaving; saves 10 gallons/day.  
*    Install faucet aerators on the kitchen faucet to reduce the flows to less than 1 gallon per minute.  
*    Keep toilets and water fixtures in good repair and fix leaks promptly.  
*    A new water efficient dishwasher can save 3-8 gallons per load.  

For more water efficient practices, check out  To report water being wasted, call 388-SAVE.  Or check us out at or Like us on Facebook at City of Merced: Water Conservation.

Watering Schedule

Addresses ending in 2, 4, 6, 8, or 0, Water on Tuesdays & Saturdays

Addresses ending in 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9, Water on Wednesdays & Sundays

And the window of hours to water are midnight to 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. to midnight; the best time for your lawn is early in the morning. 

Remember to turn off the sprinklers when it rains.

For more information or questions, check out the City’s website at or call the Public Works Water Department at 385-6800.  And keep your eye on these Green Tips articles for future water savings advice and information.

To report water being wasted call 388-SAVE.

Public Works - Water Conservation
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