Parks Division of Public Works

The parks division is responsible for the landscape maintenance of approximately 300 acres of municipal parks, landscaped areas, traffic medians, athletic fields and open land areas while maintaining approximately 17 miles of associated bikeways.

The Division is committed to providing excellent service with a positive “can do” attitude while maintaining all parks, open space, and athletic fields, preserving the aesthetics and usability of these facilities for all.


 Provide support to the Recreation and Parks Department and to the public for aesthetic and recreational needs.

 Maintain comprehensive herbicide and pesticide application program in order to preserve the aesthetics and usefulness of public facilities and open space within the city.

 Promote health and exercise among our citizens by maintaining and upgrading the bicycle and footpath system throughout the city.



 For information about a specific park, click the name of the desired park below:

 Applegate Park

Bob Carpenter Park

Fahrens Park

Rahilly Park

Joe Herb

McNamara Park