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Got Trash??

Looking to do a household clean up and don’t quite know what to do with all the excess junk? Remodeling a room and need to get rid of construction debris? Do you have a large jungle instead of a yard that needs taming? Look no further for your debris box needs….call the Public Works Refuse Division at 209-385-6800 for next business day service.

The Refuse Division has a couple of great options for you. We have a Temporary 3 Yard Dumpster that’s available for residential customers one time per year. This dumpster rents for a flat rate of $156.14. That includes 4 empties of that dumpster or 30 days use, whichever comes first. For example you could have it for 30 days and only have it filled and emptied one time or you could get really busy, have it filled and emptied 4 times in one week and we’ll automatically remove it on the 4th empty.

The Temporary 3 Yard Dumpster is for general household refuse use. It is not intended for construction debris clean up, furniture or hazardous waste. But if you’re cleaning out a garage or taming an overgrown yard, this might be your most economical and appropriate size container (photo below).

Photo of 3 yard dumpster

For construction debris, a roof job, a remodel, furniture or other large objects and big projects a Roll-Off may be needed. Roll-off’s come in 20 or 30 cubic yard sizes (photo below). The 30 cubic yard container is 18’ long X 8’ wide X 6’ tall. The cost on a Roll-off has several components. Each time the container is emptied there is a haul fee of $220.65, plus a daily container rental fee of $5.06, plus the landfill costs. Landfill costs can vary widely and are simply a “pass through cost” or whatever the landfill charges us to dump your items, we charge directly back to you. Typically the cost is by weight, $43.05 per ton for garbage. They may also charge a special handling fee for large bulky items. They will charge extra for appliances, $10 for non-refrigerated appliances and $18 for refrigerated. There are also charges for tires based on size and mattresses. For a more detailed list of costs, you can call the Merced County Landfill at 209-723-4481.

Photo of a 30 yard roll off.

If you have a refuse account in good standing, the charges for dumpsters can be placed on your account. Or if you are a tenant and/or the refuse bill is not in your name, you can pay a deposit in advance.

For either of these types of dumpsters, service is provided on a next business day basis. The Public Works office is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. For additional information on Refuse Rates, click here. To order a dumpster, call the Refuse Division of Public Works at (209) 385-6800.