Land Application

The Land Application System is an irrigable 580-acre ranch in operation for the application of Class B Bio-solids. The bio-solids are applied as a soil amendment at conventional agronomic rates.  Cover crops are seeded over the fields that receive bio-solids for the uptake of the nitrogen that is contained in the bio-solids.  Sales of the crops grown on the land application site offset some operating costs.

The Land Application program employs an environmentally acceptable method for bio-solids disposal as a fertilizer amendment, which provides the City an opportunity to generate revenue that can offset operational costs.

* Ensure wastewater treatment plant bio-solids are properly disposed of in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local requirements.
* Identify crops that will maximize nitrogen uptake in order to protect the underlying ground water tables while producing the highest yield of tonnage.
* Utilization of recycled water from the treatment plant for irrigation of annual and perennial crops in an ecologically sound method.