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Water System Division Information

The Water System Division is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the City’s water supply. The system consists of 22 active groundwater wells, with one additional well under construction, and 340 miles of distribution pipeline, as well as other related equipment, such as hydrants, meters, valves, fluoridation and chlorination systems, pumps, motors, 2 - 300,000 and 2 - 500,000 gallon above ground water tanks, supplying approximately seven billion gallons of water annually.

man in trench

Provide the City of Merced with a continuous supply of clean and safe drinking water while responding to customer requests in a timely manner.

* Ensure compliance with comprehensive water systems inspection, repair and preventive maintenance program.

* Ensure regulatory requirements from Federal, State, and Local agencies for providing safe drinking water are met.

* Continue to explore the feasibility of implementing new procedures and technologies to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the Division while providing the highest level of customer service.

The Water Division Hard at Work to Keep it Flowing:

Water Division at work

Men in Trench

What is that water crew doing?

Photo of water box lid

Why is there a lid on my property?  The city has installed a new water service box in the city’s utility easement.

What’s in the box?  A new meter idler bar has been installed on your water line where the city service connects to your private water lateral. 

Are you going to turn off my water?  If it’s installed, we already turned it off for less than 1/2 hour to put the idler on, otherwise our staff should be giving you this newsletter and telling you personally of this brief shut off.

What is the cost to me?  There is no cost to the residents for this upgrade. 

What’s a Meter Idler?  Meter idlers are pipes with valves that are the same length as a meter and hold the place for a meter, making it easier to install them in the future.  By installing a meter idler bar, the water line coming into your property is identified, shut off valves are added for both your convenience and the City’s, and it brings the water line up to current City code. 

water idler bar

Why is it being done?  It is a step in upgrading our system and yours in preparation for meters.  Some water service lines are buried and do not have Red/White shut off valves for the customer should you have a plumbing problem that needs your water to be turned off to repair. 

Why do we need to prepare for meters?  Per current State Law, by 2025 all water services in California will be metered.  And in 2009, the governor directed the state water agencies to reduce statewide per capital urban water use by 20 percent by the year 2020.  Meters will help us all be more conscientious consumers of our precious water supply. 

Will being on a meter cost me more?  Our new rate structure rewards conservation with a slight decrease to the base amount for monthly metered water. And you will only pay for the water used.

For more questions on your idler or water conservation, please check out or call our Water Conservation Specialist, Leah Brown at 385-8892.

Or to report water being wasted, call 388-SAVE.

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