Well Permit Applications

Well Permits are issued by the City of Merced Public Works - Water Quality Control Division. A permit is required for, but not limited to, well repair or modification, well destructions (domestic, agricultural or groundwater monitoring), groundwater monitoring wells, hydro punching, soil boring, soil vapor extraction wells, sparge wells, or any other excavations that may intersect groundwater within the City of Merced.

In order to expedite the permit application process, the following information will be required to accompany all permit applications; please refer to the Well Permit Application attachments for full details.

  • A copy of the current C-57 License from the hired Driller, and any substitute Driller;
  • A copy of the current City of Merced Business License;
  • Proof of full Workers' Compensation Insurance; (refer to No. 4 in the application attachments for specific instructions)
  • Site Health & Safety Plan; and,
  • A complete Workplan.

The Well Permit Application process must be completed prior to obtaining a City Right-of-Way Encroachment Permit.

Please allow at least 10 business days to process permit applications.

Upon receipt of a valid Well Permit Application, you may schedule a well inspection. To schedule a well inspection call the Water Quality Control Division at least 24 hours, one full regular City work day, prior to commencement of work.

If there are any questions, call the Water Quality Control Division at 209.385.6204 or email at environmentalcontrol@cityofmerced.org.

Schedule of Filing Fees

New well or test well permit At cost ($75.00 min.)
Rehabilitation and modification permit At cost ($50.00 min.)
Test well permit At cost ($75.00 min)
Destruction of well permit No cost

Local standards pertaining to Water Wells can be found in the Merced Municipal Code, Title 8 - Health and Safety, Chapter 8.12 - Water Wells.

The standards adopted for the construction, repair, reconstruction, abandonment, or destruction of wells can be found in the State of California Department of Water Resources Bulletin 74-81 - "Water Well Standards: State of California" and supplemental Bulletin 74-90 - "California Well Standards."


Well Permit Forms

 City of Merced Standard W-10 - Well Destruction
 City of Merced Standard W-10A - Monitoring Well
 Well Drillers List
 Well Permit Application