Water Quality Control Division

Who is Water Quality Control?

The Water Quality Control Division (WQCD) of Public Works provides the resources and programs necessary to adequately monitor and protect the quality of our community’s water resources, including both public drinking water and water discharged to the sanitary sewer and storm drain systems.

Our mission is to operate and implement water pollution control programs as required by Federal and State laws ensuring compliance by both the City of Merced and those dischargers regulated by the City.

Our goals are to control the quality of industrial discharges to the wastewater collection system through inspections, monitoring, and permitting; ensure compliance with all applicable Federal and State water quality discharge requirements for the Wastewater Treatment Plant and its customers; and to monitor and evaluate drinking water quality, ensuring City compliance with all applicable Federal and State regulations governing drinking water quality and municipal well construction and destruction.

The Water Quality Control Division also educates the public on topics, such as the Fats, Oils, and Grease (F.O.G.) Program and Storm Water Pollution Prevention. You might recognize our pollution control team, the F.O.G. Detective and Freddy Fin, from our many local commercials and radio advertisements; if you have, then you already know “Stop the F.O.G., Before it’s a Clog,” and “Only Rain Down the Drain!

Question: What is the ONLY thing that should go down a storm drain?

 A. Trash    B. Leaves
 C. Rain Water  D. Glitter

Answer: C. Rain Water – Remember, Freddie Fin says “Only Rain Down the Drain”      

 City Staff Member City Staff Member City Staff Member  
Water Quality Control Team:
Lorraine Carrasquillo, Supervisor; Jeremy Geiger, Lead ECO II;
Mary Grissom, ECO I; Beth Ball, ECO I; and Elyse Davis, Secretary I.