FOG Program

F.O.G – Fats, Oils, and Grease.

What is FOG?
The term “FOG” refers to fats, oils, and grease, which are commonly found in such things as meat fats, lard, cooking oil, shortening, butter and margarine, food scraps, baked goods, sauces and soups and dairy products.  Residential users as well as businesses generate FOG waste.

What’s the Problem With FOG?
When FOG is poured down the drain it solidifies and sticks to the insides of sewer pipes (both on your property and in the collections system) causing obstructions and eventually blockages.  Once these blockages are formed they can cause sanitary sewer overflows.  Sewer overflows can cause raw sewage to enter the streets, storm drains, streams, businesses, yards, and even homes.  Sanitary sewer overflows pose a risk to public health, adversely affect aquatic life, and are costly to clean up.

In an effort to prevent the introduction of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) into the City’s sanitary sewer system the City is in the process of developing a FOG program. The FOG program is intended to educated businesses as well as residents on the problems associated with FOG and the measures that can be taken to limit or prevent the introduction of fats, oils and grease into the City’s sanitary sewer system.

FOG Ordinance
The FOG Ordinance can be viewed in the Merced Municipal Code under "Discharges of Fats, Oils, and Grease From Food Service Establishements" - Title 15 Public Service, Division I Sewer System, Chapter 15.30.
Please click here to view the FOG Ordinance.


To learn more about the CalFOG Program please click here - clicking this link will redirect you to the CalFOG Website.